Last Day in London

Hi guys!  Happy Saturday!! I hope you are enjoying your weekend so far!!  We just relaxed last night and caught up on some shows, but have plans to get out for a bit tonight! 


Today I am recapping our last day in London!  It was definitely one of the best days of the trip!  

We started out with a trip to Bachmanns for coffee and a chocolate croissant for my hubby.  He was in heaven! 


Next, we headed to Hampton Court Palace for the morning.  We parked the car in the park across the street and took a little stroll.  Thankfully, the weather was beautiful! There were lots of deer that are not scared of people at all.  

The palace is huge!!  It was so fun to walk around all the beautiful courtyards. 

And see all the rooms people used to live in! 

But the highlight for me was seeing the kitchen that was used to prepare food for 600 people multiple times per day!

The wine cellar!


But the best part of Hampton Court Palace is the gardens! So pretty and they go on and on and on.  

We got to see the palace tennis courts too, which was really neat! 

Afterwards we had plans to see an afternoon rugby game!  We saw the Harlequins play and it was so fun!! We aren’t very familiar with rugby and all the rules, but we do like watching sports so it was fun to see!  I was quite surprised when we got to our seats and realized they were in the first row! 

After the game we headed to a local Indian restaurant near where we were staying.  It was amazing, ofcourse!  I got the vegetable curry again and loved it!

Sunday morning we made the short drive to the airport for our long 9 and a half hour flight back home.  We were so happy to be home and see our puppies!  We had the best time in London and Amsterdam, but it is always nice to be home after a long trip!!  


  1. Favorite vacation you have ever taken?
  2. Do you have any upcoming vacations planned?
  3. If you could go anywhere in the world on vacation, where would you go?

2 thoughts on “Last Day in London

  1. Wow the castle is so impressive! The kitchen seems small for that amount of food for 600 people?!
    I think my favorite vacation I’ve ever taken was the cruise I just took!
    If I could go anywhere right now I’d choose London or Hawaii!

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