London…Windsor Castle and Foxhills Country Club

Happy Friday everyone!!  I am so excited for the weekend!!  It should be a good mix of relaxation and productivity!  


Today I am going to show you pictures from our second to last day in London.  We went the morning exploring my husband’s old grade school (he attended 4th and 5th grade in London) and it brought back really great memories for him.  

Unfortunately the kids and teachers were on Spring Break, but my husband was able to walk past his favorite teacher’s room and see that he is still currently teaching at the school.  The campus is absolutely beautiful!

In front of the tennis courts he used to play on.  

Afterwards we stopped with a quick coffee and lunch then we were off to our next destination.  This is me terrified of my husband driving on the wrong side of the road (and with the steering wheel on the wrong side of the car).  Every time we walked to the car, I went to get on the right side and he went to the left and we had to switch.  We finally got used to it the day we left. 🙂

Our afternoon plans took us to Windsor Castle.  The castle is massive and it is still occupied today.  

We grabbed our headsets and started the tour.  

The chapel on the premise is really pretty.  No pictures allowed inside, but my husband did snap a picture of me lighting a candle for my granny and her boyfriend, Leo.

Friday night we had reservations at Foxhills Country Club for dinner. My husband and his family belonged to the club when they lived in London years ago. 

We arrived early and had a drink in the bar area while we browsed the menu and chatted. 

The food was incredible!!! Probably the best meal of our whole trip!!  I got the cod and my husband got the beef (I think).  We split the salmon tartar for an appetizer and it was soo good!  My husband got the chocolate cake for dessert and loved it. 

After dinner we stopped by a local pub for a quick drink and they had wine on tap! 

This was definitely one of the best days we had in London!  Full of memories from my husband’s childhood and new memories as a married couple!  Have a great weekend!!


  1. Any fun plans for the weekend?
  2. Do you play tennis?
  3. Best meal you had this week? 

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