Back To London We Go

Good morning!!  How are you doing?  I hope your Thursday is off to a good start!  I can’t believe the weekend is almost here!  This week flew by for me… probably because I had so many things to catch up on after our trip!  


When we first started planning out trip to London, we knew we wanted to stay downtown near all the big attractions, but we also wanted to get out of town a bit to see other parts of London.  My husband lived in London for 2 years growing up and he was so excited to see his old stomping grounds and to show me around.  After our time in Amsterdam, we took the quick flight back to London and hopped in the rental car and drove (on the left hand side of the road) about 30 minutes to our next destination.

During this part of the trip, we stayed in Ripley in an Airbnb.  Our other two Airbnbs were private apartments.  Our 3rd place was a private apartment (own bathroom, bed, and kitchen), but it was attached to a couple’s house.  They were the sweetest people and so welcoming to us.  We asked if we could use their washer to wash some clothing (we both only brought carry-on suitcases) and the lady told us to put our clothing at the bottom of the stairs and she ended up washing, drying and folding our clothes for us!  Way more than we expected and it was so nice to have fresh, clean clothing for the last leg of our trip! 

We had to stop to grab a few groceries and we decided to stop at the grocery store my husband used to go to with his family as a little kid.  


Next we drove a short distance to where my husband used to live with his family.  This was his old street.  

My hubs in front of his old house.  The sign he is standing by says “Evergreen.”  In England, the houses have names instead of numbers!  

After settling in, we drove to Notting Hill to wander around a bit before our dinner plans.  The houses/apartments were so pretty! 


We stopped into Janet’s Bar for a quick pre-dinner cocktail.  It was an interesting atmosphere… there was stuff everywhere!  

Love this man so much! 


Thursday evening we met up with Jannicke and her boyfriend for dinner.  Jannicke and my husband went to school together in London during 4th and 5th grade!! It had been 17 years since they had seen each other!!


We had a blast talking about London and traveling with them.  They are both from Norway and are both fluent in many languages.  It was so fun getting to talk to locals and hear what they had to say about America.


We went to Angelsea Arms Pub for dinner and it was AMAZING!!  I got the trout and it was out of this world delicious! 


We had such a relaxing and fun first day outside of the city.  I will be back tomorrow with more pictures!  Two more days of recaps then it is back to regular blogging!  Have a great one! 


  1. If you had to name your house, what would you name it? 
  2. Where do you do your grocery shopping?
  3. Do you like fish? If so, what is your favorite kind? 

6 thoughts on “Back To London We Go

  1. That is so sweet of the lady to do your wash! 🙂 Thats cool you got to see your husbands spots where he used to live and grocery shop etc. That fish looks really good–I think my favorite fish is salmon!

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