London Day 4….We Are Back!!

Good morning!! I hope you had a great weekend and your week is off to a good start!!!  We arrived home in Dallas yesterday afternoon and spent the rest of the day trying to stay awake and get our life back in order.  My husband and I were both up at 3am (thanks jetlag), which was 9am (I think) in London today.  We stayed up until almost 8pm last night, which was pretty good considering that was about 2am in London.  I am working on hard catching up today before I get tired again.  

I am so glad to be home, mostly because I missed my puppies so much, but it is also nice to sleep in my own bed and cook in my own kitchen again.  Traveling is great, but it is always nice to come home.  I have finished organizing all my pictures so this week will be spent recapping the rest of our trip to London and Amsterdam!

On our 4th day in London (Sunday) we didn’t have much on the agenda.  We built in this buffer day for our trip because we didn’t know how many days we needed to see all the attractions we saw the first couple days.  If it was a high tourism time (summer), we probably would have really needed this day due to longer lines, but I will say that it was nice to have a day of just roaming around with nothing we HAD to see.

We started the day at the British Museum.  Like most of the other museums, it was free, which also meant that it was packed.  


I loved this design on the ceiling.

There are so many rooms and things to see.  We loved the room with all the clocks.  The amount of detail in each of these is really amazing.  


After the museum, we wandered around the nearby University of London (I think it might be a satellite campus?) for a bit before it started raining. 


What do you do when it starts raining in London?  You go to a pub.


Next, we headed over to Chinatown to walk around for a bit.


All the churches in London are so pretty.  We walked passed this one on our walk that day.


My dad might be the only one who gets the humor in this picture.  When we visited Denmark 2 years ago with my dad, Joe and the Juice (juice shop) was everywhere we went.  Their juices are so good.  It has a really nice atmosphere too, almost like a Starbucks coffee shop, but for juices.  We saw on in London and had to snap a picture.


And onto the next pub for the day.  🙂

Love my sweet husband for putting up with my need to take so many pictures. 😉

On Sunday evening we went to Strand Tandoori, an Indian restaurant, for dinner.  London is known for having amazing Indian food and my husband and I both love it.  We used Yelp, Trip Advisor, and Google maps to find most of our meals in London.  My husband found this hole-in-the-wall Indian restaurant and it did not disappoint.  It was one of the best meals of our entire trip!!!  


The food was so flavorful, but not too spicy for me.  I got the vegetable rice and the vegetable curry.  Ahh it was to die for!  The owner also gave us a bottle of wine to take with us in exchange for writing a review on Trip Advisor = win!! 

We ended the night with a long walk around Trafalgar Square again because it is so pretty.


The views are spectacular and the people watching is pretty great too!


That is all for today!! I will be back tomorrow with the beginning of our time in Amsterdam!!  Have a great day everyone!!


  1. Do you like spicy food?
  2. Ever been to Trafalgar Square?
  3. Do you like museums?


10 thoughts on “London Day 4….We Are Back!!

  1. I just saw a sign for Joe & the juice opening up next to my office in NYC… I’m definitely gonna have to try it now 🙂


      1. Haha I’m a nerd and just looked online.. It looks like NY is the only place in the U.S. they have it in. I remember going to London 10 years ago and loving Pret there and then being surprised when it came to NY!

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Yum love looking at all of these pictures! I love spicy food and i love museums haha. I definitely want to visit London someday!


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