London Day 3

Hi guys!! How are you doing?  I am blogging today from our apartment in Amsterdam.  It is almost 2 pm here.  We spent the morning at the Anne Frank museum (in line for almost 3 hours in the cold…) then grabbed lunch at a nearby cafe.  Our plan was to rent bikes and ride around the city this afternoon, but it is really cold and soo windy here so we might just end up at a pub. 😉  To keep my blog in order of our trip, I am going to recap last Saturday in London, which was a really fun day! Here we go!  


On Saturday we woke up and took the train to Buckingham Palace.  We walked through the beautiful park to get there.


We actually arrived right at the time of the changing of the guards (which we meant to avoid because it is so crowded and pretty boring) so we weren’t able to get very close. 


There was a little parade as we were walking away.

No cycling through the royal parks, ya’ll! 


Us with the London Eye in the background. 


Next, we made the short walk over to the Churchill War Museum.  We were both pretty excited as we had heard really good things about this museum.  


It was really neat to learn about Winston Churchill’s life.  One fun fact we learned was that he was offered 2000 pounds to give up alcohol during a time when it was scarce and he said that life was not worth living if he couldn’t drink so he said no.  He was known to have an alcoholic beverage with breakfast.  He also loved to play cards.  

More pictures from the museum.  You could easily spend 3+ hours in the museum.. it goes on and on and on. 

Wesminster Abbey.


Westminster Abbey again.  We wanted to take the tour, but we did not want to wait in the extremely long line so we admired it from outside. 🙂


Big Ben! 



The Prime Minister lives on Downing Street.


Watch out for the horses!


This is The British Museum.  We didn’t have plans to go here, but it started pouring rain so we decided to pop in.  It is HUGE and we only went in a couple rooms because it was so crowded, but you could spend all day here.  


We walked past this pretty little garden in the middle of the city.


We took a long walk down by the river to make our way towards the London Tower Bridge downtown. 

Sometimes you just have to stop and stare. 

A beautiful church we walked by.

Walking break at a pub called The Sugar Loaf. 

We finally made it!  This is my husband putting on a happy face after I made him walk for 2+ hours instead of taking the bus.   🙂


I made my husband pretend to hold up the building.  I know I know, it was asking a lot of him.  


The London Tower Bridge. 

On the subway.  


My husband wanted to go to Pizza Express, a childhood favorite of his when he used to live here, for dinner.  It reminded me of a California Pizza Kitchen type of restaurant.  It was really good! 

I will end this post here as it is getting quite lengthy, but will be back soon to wrap up the rest of our time in London.  We are headed back to London tomorrow, but will be headed to a different area of town (where my husband used to live) so we are excited!!  Have a great day!!


  1. How is your week going?
  2. What is your favorite chain restaurant?
  3. Do you speak more than one language fluently?  





2 thoughts on “London Day 3

  1. Wow great photos! Was your husband born in England? I love Red Lobster and Cheesecake Factory chains! I speak English, Spanish, French and Korean!

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