London Day 2

After a very restless night of sleep for both of us, we woke up pretty tired, but knew we needed to get going so we got dressed, grabbed a coffee to go and headed to the train station.  Our first stop was Kensington Palace Gardens.  We walked through this beautiful street (no photographs allowed so we only have a few ;)) that led to the Kensington Palace.

The Palace is massive!

  We walked around for a bit then walked through the attached park, Hyde Park.  It is beautiful.  Children playing everywhere, dogs running freely, couples enjoying a picnic lunch, and tourists (us) taking pictures of it all.  

By the way, the weather was GORGEOUS today.  No rain or clouds, just sunshine and warmth.  🙂


Jon wanted me to show you guys this phonebooth 🙂


We wander around Kensington High Street for a bit. 


Next we stopped into this beautiful church called St. Mary Abbots Church and said a prayer for my granny and snapped a few pictures of the beautiful architecture.  My grandma would have loved this church.  

Next we headed to the Stamford bridge to see where the Chelsea football club plays. 


We just walked around a bit, but didn’t take the tour.  


We were ready for lunch!  We walked until we found a cute little restaurant where we could sit outside on this beautiful day. Cheers to rose and beer at lunch!


I got a tuna salad and my husband got the chicken leg with mashed potatoes with a mushroom sauce. 

More walking and riding the train… we are becoming pros at public transit.. we have only messed up our tickets twice and go on the wrong train one… I’d say we are doing ok. 😉

After lunch we walked to the Natural History Museum to explore a bit.  

It was very large, like 7 stories that went around each wall.  We got bored pretty quickly because it was packed (it is free), but one highlight was this little room you go in and they simulate a real earthquake where the ground shakes back and forth.  It is pretty scary.  

The best part was all the diamonds!!  My husband is scoping out his next anniversary gift to me. 😉

Next we went to Harrods, a huge department store here to check out the food court (I know what you are thinking…), but this food court is pretty amazing.  It is divided into a bunch of sections and we mainly stayed in the chocolate room. 🙂

After Harrods we went home to freshen up before our evening plans.  We started with dinner at a cute Italian restaurant called Rossopomodoro.  I got the salmon salad and my husband got the pappardelle pasta with bolognese sauce.  

 After dinner we walked around Trafalgur square (very famous in London).

Then we made our way to a local pub for a drink.  

Yep, I ordered wine in a pub.  🙂

Love my sweet hubs!!

After we finished our drinks, we quickly headed over to the Adelphi Theater to see the musical Kinky Boots that my in-laws gifted us for Christmas.  It was amazing!!! By far the best musical we have ever seen.  It was so funny and the actors were SO good!!  Our seats were awesome too! 

After the play we headed to one more pub before we called it a night.  


So much fun!!  The nightlight in London is really hopping.  Lots and lots of people everywhere.

Afterwards we walked down to the Thames River by the train station before heading home. 

And my husband just had to get pizza to take home… and beer… in a coffee cup. 🙂


Time to say goodnight… yes, we are still awake! I think it is almost 3am…. jet lag!!!! We are going to do all the popular attractions tomorrow so we need some sleep! Goodnight everyone!! 


  1. What are you doing this weekend?
  2. How is the weather where you are?
  3. What do you do when you can’t sleep?


4 thoughts on “London Day 2

  1. Looks so so beautiful!! Glad you are having such a fun time. That church is just stunning too! The weather where I am is rainy and in the 50s… my least favorite kind of weather! This weekend we are having Easter Sunday at my house 🙂 And I am doing homework/babysitting!

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