Weekend Recap 3.15.16 Part 2

Good morning!!! How is your day going so far?  Good, I hope!  This time change has made me SO tired.  It is crazy to think one hour could make that much of a difference, but I am chugging my coffee today to try to stay awake. 🙂 

My Sunday started off bright and early with a 6 mile treadmill run while catching up on my “trashy” TV shows.  It was nice to have 13,000 steps before 9AM.. might be a record for me (I ended the day with around 23,000)!

Late Sunday morning we headed out to the boat for a little cruise on the lake!  Ofcourse, the pups had to join. 🙂 


It was such a beautiful day, but a little too windy. Our pups sure do love the boat! 

Sunday afternoon we headed out to the Stockyards in Fort Worth to walk around a bit before our dinner plans.  


We had never been to the Stockyards before so this was a fun experience for us!  The street is filled with shops and restaurants and horses and real cowboys.  It feels like you are in another country.  SO fun! 

My husband had to wear his cowboy boots so he would fit in. 😉

Me and the hubs before dinner in Fort Worth! 


We met my husband’s aunt and uncle for dinner at Del Friscos Grille and it was so fun!  I got the kale and brussels sprout salad with salmon… ahh it was so good! I could eat this meal every day (yes, I had salmon 3 nights in a row and might have had leftovers last night for dinner too… I could eat salmon every night).  

After dinner we walked around a bit.  Aren’t the angels so pretty? 

Family picture 🙂


Downtown Fort Worth is really neat as all the buildings are outlined in lights!  

That wraps up our fun weekend!! Between our busy weekend and the time change, I am exhausted, but so grateful that my mother-in-law came to visit us!  We always have a blast when we are together and this weekend was no different!!  Have an awesome week everyone! 


  1. Have you ever been to Fort Worth, Texas?
  2. Do you own cowboy/girl boots?
  3. What meal could you eat every day? 

8 thoughts on “Weekend Recap 3.15.16 Part 2

  1. seriously…how is salmon so delicious?! I think my meal would be some kind of egg with potatoes. i eat it all of the time. Also…your outfit is so cute in the dinner pictures!


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