Happy Birthday to my Angel

Happy Friday!!  I hope you are all doing well! The weekend is near!  I will keep it short and sweet today because I am off to go hang out with my mother-in-law!  

Today I thought I would share a little more about me with you.  In order for you to get to know me better, you have to meet the most influential person in my life.  My grandma.  Today would have been her 94th birthday.  We lost her about a year an a half ago and life just hasn’t quite been the same without her.  My grandma was the most amazing, selfless woman I have ever known.  She showed her love through her amazing cooking and soft, gentle words.  

My grandma moved me into my college dorm room and moved me and my husband (boyfriend at the time) into our first apartment in Utah 6 years ago.  She drove with us 24 hours from Nashville to Utah (and back when we moved to Ohio).  She never missed a move.  While my mom and Jon put together our furniture, my grandma helped me put all the dishes away so we could get cooking.  

ohio 3

My favorite past times with my granny were always in the kitchen.  No matter where we were (her house, my house, or on a vacation), you could always find the two of us in the kitchen.  I learned more from her in the kitchen about life and love and food than I have learned from anyone else.  She was so wise.  One of my favorite pieces of advice from her was to never sweat the small stuff, just let it go.  (Fruit screwers were always on our menu for every party we threw.) 


She never missed a jammie party.  These were her favorite.  It is a tradition in our family to get matching PJs whenever we are together and my granny just loved this tradition. 


We visited my cousin Kate in Florida for Christmas one year and all had matching flannel pajamas.  My grandmother loved girlie parties.  We always had a blast when it was all of us girlies together.  

florida 26

My grandma and grandpa moved from Florida to Nashville when my sister and I were in grade school to help my mom out when my parents divorced.  She picked me and my sister up every day from school with a treat in the car (apple crisp, chocolate chip cookies, brownies or cashews) and would take us to get Icees on Mondays and french fries on Wednesdays.  We always filled up her minivan with all our friends so she could take us to soccer practice, basketball practice, the movies or the park.  She also took us to all of our dentist and doctor appointments.  She was a huge part in raising me and I am forever grateful to her for that.  (She loved to ride in the backseat with the girlies when she got the chance.)

dallas 12

My grandma always put her family first.  She always made sure to remind us that family is forever and it is important to make amends and move on.  

florida 13

My grandma was present for every graduation.  (This was from my sister’s graduation in Dallas.) 

dallas 10

She never missed one.  (This was from my graduation from graduate school in Ohio.) 


She helped me get ready for my first half marathon in Nashville.  I spent the night with her and she kept me laughing until way too late (which calmed my nerves) and made me breakfast before the big race.  (My grandma and I were known to stay up until 2 or 3am chatting when I would visit her.  What can I say, we liked to talk! 

nash 23

And she helped me celebrate the night after the race by drinking way too much wine and giggling for hours.  (I remember her saying something like “I feel GOOD right now” while we were sipping our wine at dinner.)

nash 20

My grandma had a boyfriend who she found in her last decade of life named Leo.  They were inseparable.  They shared a love of church, cards, and food.  They were such a special couple.  (They met at church.)

nash 10

We always laughed when my grandma would pat Leo’s behind.  They were like a young couple in love.  So sweet.  (My grandma would go visit Leo every day at his nursing home until the day she passed. She would frequently tell us about how she would give Leo a sponge bath and put baby powder on his back… Way too much info, granny.) 😉 

photo 4(23)

Granny with some of her grandkids.  

cali 2

I am so fortunate that Jon got to know my grandma.  He absolutely loved her and her giving heart.  Although my grandma passed away before our wedding, I was so lucky to be able to call my grandma and tell her that Jon had proposed.  She was SO excited for our engagement and told me that she and Leo loved Jon and knew he was the one for me.  (Any man in my life needed her approval.)  It was a moment I will never forget.    


I miss my granny more than anything, but I am so blessed I got to have her in my life for so many years.  Happy Birthday granny!! 

I hope you all have an amazing weekend guys!  See you tomorrow! 


  1. Are your grandparents still living?
  2. Do you get to see them often?
  3. Who was/is the most influential person in your life?  

4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to my Angel

  1. Thank you so much for sharing this! My grandmother passed away a long while ago but she I was also very close to her. I still miss her and think of her nearly every day. 🙂

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