Living in the moment

Hi guys! We made it to the halfway point of the week and I am happy about that!

I started this blog last year as a way to share my life and connect with others.  I am a very open and honest person, but let’s face it, my life on this blog is only a small glimpse of my actual life and usually it’s the fun and exciting stuff that happens in my life.  What you don’t see are the struggles and hardships that I face just like everyone else.  While I do intend to keep my blog uplifted and positive, I really appreciate when other bloggers are vulnerable and share the not-so-good parts of their lives too.   It is a reminder that we only see what is put on the internet, but at the end of the day, we are all human and we all go through hard situations. I do hope to share more of the many parts of my life with you all.  I believe that we can’t grow if we stay inside our comfort zone.  

So… this week has been tough.  Like really tough.  My brother-in-law lost his best friend suddenly earlier this week.  This guy was a close family friend who was at my husband’s bachelor party, our wedding, and was supposed to go with us on an upcoming trip to the Caymen Islands.  We have had the rush of emotions hit us hard this week.  Sadness, anger, heartbreak, devastation, and more.  Loss of someone close is never easy, but losing someone so young so suddenly is just something I will never understand.  

Situations like this are such an important reminder of why we need to live in the moment.  What if you didn’t have tomorrow?  We surely aren’t promised it.  I really do try to live each day to the fullest, but it can certainly be hard with a never-ending to-do list and always planning something for the upcoming months.  I can definitely work on letting go of things that don’t serve a purpose in my life, appreciating the small things, and being more compassionate.  

A Tuesday night drink on the roof with some appetizers with my amazing husband was just what we needed.  We are trying to take the time to slow down and appreciate each moment we are given.  Sometimes we can get caught up in the hustle and bustle of life that we aren’t truly living, we are just going through the motions.  


I didn’t get a great picture, but the sunset was so beautiful last night. 


Little Penelope was such a good cuddle bug. 


We had this cauliflower fried rice again last night and it was delicious as always.  


Two quotes I love that really sum up everything.  



Thanks for listening and reading especially when things aren’t always sunshine and roses.  If you take one thing from this post, please let it be that life is so precious and tomorrow is not guaranteed.  


  1. What would you do today if you knew it was your last day?
  2. How do you practice “living in the moment” each day?
  3. What is your favorite quote about living life to the fullest? 

6 thoughts on “Living in the moment

  1. im so sorry to hear that–i will be thinking of you and your family. I always appreciate when bloggers share their real feelings and struggles because i really believe that sharing and being honest helps so many other people. I need to be more mindful too–its so easy to get caught up in things that dont matter.


  2. So so sorry about Your friend!!! Appreciate your honest sentiments, as we totally agree. We are going through the process of losing an elderly relative. Let’s have a toast for life and all the opportunities we get to share together while we can!!!! 🎉🍾🍸👍🙏😘

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  3. I am so sorry for your loss. I am thinking of you and your family and sending my love!! My favorite way to stay in the moment is turn off my phone and just switch off my brain and thoughts for that time being. Focusing on being present and mindful really helps me! xoxo ❤

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