Weekend Recap 2.29.16

Good morning everyone!  Ah.. Mondays always seem to sneak up so fast!  We had a very relaxing and productive weekend over here so I can’t complain! Lots to do today so I’ll get right to it!


This morning started off bright and early with a 6am body pump class followed by a big bowl of fresh kiwi, peaches and grapefruit and a bowl of overnight oats (recipe to come!).


There was some dog park action this weekend to wear out the pups (we were watching 4 pups). 

Some rooftop lounging occurred, ofcourse!


The pups just love the sun.

I made a big batch of kale and purple cabbage salad with a warm vinaigrette to have throughout the weekend. I love using kale as the base of my salads because I can dress them ahead of time and the kale does not wilt like spinach. 

A lot of my meals this weekend looked like this… eating up the leftover quinoa burgers!

Sunday morning started with a 5 mile run while catching up on “How to Get Away With Murder.”  Do any of you guys watch this show?


After my run, we had to run out to our boat (we keep it at the marina about 20 minutes from our house) to do a couple things to get it ready to be put in the water in a couple weeks!  I watched as my husband did all the work 😉

As we waited for the marina workers to get back from lunch (we needed to renew our boat slip and lift agreement), we stopped into Bass Pro Shop to waste some time.  My husband was in heaven… me, not so much.  I did enjoy browsing the boat toys.. I think we may need a few new ones for this summer. 🙂

The rest of our Sunday looked a lot like this…. me + 4 dogs on our small couch.  


Riley was lonely so Piper went to keep him company. 🙂  Melts my heart. 

Butterball had a little too much fun! 😉


And sweet Penelope is just as cute as can be. My husband made sure she was all tucked in.


My new favorite snack/dessert.  Dark chocolate chips and chunks, craisins, unsweetened coconut, and raw almonds. Sweet and salty = delicious! 


Have a great Monday and a wonderful week, everyone!! 


 1. What did you do this weekend?

2. Do you watch “How to Get Away With Murder”?

3. Did you get a workout in this weekend??


4 thoughts on “Weekend Recap 2.29.16

  1. yum thats a delicious combo for a dessert! sounds like you had a great weekend! Ive never watched how to get away with murder–should i? I have netflix!


  2. Sounds like a fun weekend! I have watched how to get away with murder- it is a great show! This weekend I did a 30 min spinning workout along with an ab workout and some running!

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