I’m back, domain change, and Friday favorites

Good morning ya’ll!  Happy Friday!! How is everyone doing?  I so excited for the weekend to relax and just get ahead on a couple things.  You may have noticed… I bought my domain (tastytrialsandtravels.com)!! I am so excited about it!  Things are back up and running and I am back to regular blog posting today!  

So in honor of Friday Favorites, I thought I would show you guys some of my favorite pictures from the last week! 

But first, the most important part!  Last night we went to the Jessie James Decker concert at the House of Blues.  I have always loved her music, but loved her even more after watching her reality show a couple years ago.  (Fun fact: she inspired me to dye my own hair a few years ago and I have been dyeing it by myself ever since.  She has a great youtube tutorial.)  


She brought her cute little girl on stage for a song. 


Her show was really good!  She interacted with the crowd a ton and just seems so genuine. 


And the reason my husband was happy he came… 


We had a blast! 



Just some pups lounging.

My husband asked me to take a picture of Callie cuddling him.  She is a momma’s girl so this is rare!


Lots and lots of fruit! 


I’m on a huge green smoothie kick right now! Can’t get enough!


Everything tastes better on the grill! Marinated tofu, zucchini and asparagus. 

Sunday night we went to Louies (it has been on Diners Drive-ins, and Dives) and I got the grilled salmon and my husband got the pizza.  Never disappoints! 

Last weekend my husband decided he wanted to make a fence with vines up it to block the air conditioner on our roof. 


So we headed to Lowes and got the supplies.  We didn’t like the selection of flower pots so my husband built some to go under the fencing.  He planted English Ivy that we are hoping will grow up the fence and disguise the air conditioner.  

We are known for not being able to keep small plants alive so we will see what happens with this ivy.  


Doug loves to shake!  It is the cutest thing ever! 

That sweet face had to go home a couple days ago and we miss him already. 


I hope you guys have a wonderful Friday and an amazing weekend!! 


  1. What was the last concert you went to?
  2. Do you get your hair professional colored?
  3. What are your plans for the weekend? 

2 thoughts on “I’m back, domain change, and Friday favorites

  1. Congrats on buying your own domain!! That’s awesome. Last concert I went to was Dave Matthews Band. Hoping to go to more this summer! Hope you have a great weekend Taylor!


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