Weekend Recap 2.22.16

Hi there!! Good morning and happy Tuesday to ya!  I hope you all had a nice weekend and are getting back into the swing of things.  The reason for my lack of a post yesterday was because my blog is acting funky.  I’m not sure what is wrong but only a few photos are uploading and I’m still trying to figure out what is wrong.  I have a few photos for you, but hopefully I’ll be back tomorrow with the rest from our fun weekend!! 

Guys, meet Doug.  We are watching him right now and I am in love.


He is the sweetest pup and is so well-behaved. 


He’s just a big teddy bear! 


He loves all our stuffed animals. 


Lounging on the roof with my favorite pillow girl. 


On the way to the dog park one of the many times this weekend.  

Sunday morning cuddles with the pups.


Sorry to keep it short today, I am working hard to figure out why the rest of my pictures won’t upload to the blog. 😦 Might be time for a new computer.

Have a wonderful Tuesday and I’ll see you tomorrow! 


  1. What did you do this past weekend? 
  2. What kind of computer do you use?
  3. What is one thing you are looking forward to today? 


2 thoughts on “Weekend Recap 2.22.16

  1. Stupid internet/blog problems- those are the worst! I use a macbook air. One thing I’m looking forward to is being done with this big psych exam coming up Thursday- can’t wait for spring break too!


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