Fundraiser and Date Night

Happy Friday guys!!  I am so excited for the weekend as we have some friends coming into town so it should be a good one!!  


Last night, we attended a happy hour fundraiser for the Legacy Humane Society at the Tower Club in downtown Dallas hosted by a few familiar radio personalities.


We adopted out pup, Callie last year from an affiliate rescue in Dallas so we were excited to attend to give back!  The tips were all donated to the cause, so we made sure to drink up. 😉  

The Tower Club is an amazing venue downtown located on the 48th floor with beautiful views of the skyline and the whole city of Dallas from all angles.  

The Tower Club is very similar (but much larger) to the Skyline Club, where we got married in Indianapolis last year.  

The event director gave us a private tour around the building and it was pretty impressive.  The space was super nice, but the views were just gorgeous!


I am not a huge fan of heights, but it sure was pretty.

The event director made sure to entice us with all the benefits of joining the club.  She got my husband’s attention with the many affiliate golf courses around town that you can play at with a membership.  


We were not quite ready to make the $800/month commitment so we made our donation for the pups and headed out!  😉  

Since it was already around dinner time, we decided to grab a bite to eat at a nearby restaurant because going home and cooking dinner did not sound appealing to our grumbling tummies.  

We made the short walk to The Woolworth based on our yelp search.  


I ordered the Scallops and my husband ordered a chicken sandwich with goat cheese and mushrooms.  The scallops were really good, but a little too small. 🙂


Overall, it was a really fun night out for a good cause and it is always fun to spend extra time with my sweet hubs!  

If you would like to donate to the Legacy Humane Society here is the link

Have a great Friday and a wonderful weekend!!!


  1. Do you have a favorite charity? I’m partial to any charities that support animals. 🙂
  2. Tell me something fun you are looking forward to this weekend!
  3. Do you have the day off Monday for Presidents’ Day? 

4 thoughts on “Fundraiser and Date Night

  1. wow that view is amazing!! Those scallops also look amazing but I think I would still be hungry haha! This weekend I’m looking forward to simply relaxing!


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