Screenshots lately

Happy Thursday to you all!  One more day until the weekend begins!  This week has actually been relatively low key and has gone by pretty quickly, which is always nice.  


Looking through my photos on my phone, I found some screenshots I took recently of a bunch of random things so I thought I would share them with you guys today to keep things light around here! So here we go…. 

Lots of eating this past Sunday… I do enjoy the food more than the actual Super Bowl so this makes sense.


I love these “things to do before you die” posts on snapchat.  I love San Fran so this is a must! 


Hahaha! Love this… if you didn’t check in on facebook, it didn’t count 😉


An old sweet picture of my little boy, Riley.  


The day we left Florida, I checked the weather at home… going from 73 to 37 is never fun.

My sister and I had such a laugh over this sign.  My mom has already decided that when she becomes a grandma her name will be “Mimi.”  My mom will surely not be able to say no to her grandchildren… ever.  


Saw this on tastemade (I think) snapchat story.  Ugh, this does not sound appealing to me at all! 


This article was pretty interesting.  Restaurants add so much sugar and sodium to dishes.  This is why I try to cook and eat at home as much as I can.  

IMG_8115 - Copy

My favorite running playlist on Pandora is the Workout Radio.  I also love running to this song.  The beat is just so catchy.  

IMG_8109 - Copy

This is just too cute!! 


That is all for today!! We have a happy hour fundraiser to attend to benefit the local animal shelter tonight so that should be fun!  Have a great Thursday and I will see you tomorrow!  


  1. What is your favorite playlist on Pandora?
  2. Favorite type of donut?
  3. How many times a week do you dine out at a restaurant? 

2 thoughts on “Screenshots lately

  1. I always listen to Adele radio when I’m cleaning the apartment haha its such a great mix!
    My favorite donut is blueberry glazed!
    I dine out like once every 1-2 months.


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