Weekend Recap Continued

Good morning!  I hope you are doing well today!  I am exhausted after a couple nights of not so great sleep.  Today is just one of those days that my coffee doesn’t seem to have any caffeine in it. 😉 


On Friday we had a packed house full of doggies.  We watched Bruce for the day and our nephew doggie, Otis, for the weekend. 

When my husband and I adopted our first dog together (Riley) over 5 years ago, we tried to implement a “no dogs on furniture” rule in our house.  That quickly changed when we wanted snuggles from our sweet little boy.  Riley is 12 lbs so this wasn’t really a big deal to us, but over the years, our rescue pups have gotten bigger and bigger.   

In our current house, there is one particular spot that all the dogs (ours and ones we watch) love to sit because they can see out the window and watch people walk by and cars drive by.  We gave up trying to keep them off the couch… so this is a normal scene in my house.  

IMG_8118 - Copy

Do I really have to get down, mom? 


Yes Callie, you do need to get down.  

IMG_8121 - Copy

But as soon as she gets down, Otis gets up.


Then Otis gets down and his spot is quickly snatched by Riley.  


Otis patiently waiting for Riley to get out of his spot. 


Hey, I pick my battles and the dogs on the couch is one I don’t think I am going to win. 🙂

These two are always cuddling.  (Fun fact: Callie will not play/run around with any dog but Otis.  She won’t even play with her brother Riley.  Callie is obsessed with Otis.  It’s really cute.)

More snuggling.  

The dogs got some treats and Callie downed hers quickly then hovered over Otis in hopes he would not eat all of his treat.  Good luck, Callie.  🙂

Who’s at the door?!?!

Love having fresh cut fruit always on hand. 


An over-flowing green smoothie!


Otis helped me do some blogging….

while enjoying this yummy breakfast.

IMG_8209 - Copy

On Saturday night, my husband and I went to see the movie, Daddy’s Home.  It was good, but not great.  There were some really fun scenes, but overall, we thought it wasn’t especially funny. 


We came home to find this…  we call these two our late night munchers.  They both don’t each much during the day, but we can always here them chomping on their food before bed.  (Probably because Callie hoards the food during the day….)

I received this snapchat from my husband… 🙂


A little preview of our new light fixtures.  We are waiting for the correct bulb to arrive for the middle light and we have to raise the lights a few inches, but hey, it is finally coming together!!  I need to find a picture of the previous fixture… it was pretty ugly.  


Have a great Tuesday!! 


  1. If you have a dog, is he/she allowed on furniture?
  2. Have you seen a movie recently?  Which one?
  3. Have you done any DIY home projects?  



8 thoughts on “Weekend Recap Continued

  1. Your dogs are adorable! I let my dogs up on the furniture haha. That green smoothie looks delish too!! Last movie I saw was Joy with Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper-def recommend it if it’s still out in theaters!


  2. wow that light fixture looks great!! As does that overflowing smoothie and fruit! haha

    I recently saw The Revenant with Leonardo DiCaprio…it was really good! Also, is that a typical price where you live for a movie? Where I live, its usually about 12-15 dollars per ticket!


    1. Thank you!! My husband picked it out and I was pleasantly surprised!

      And oh my gosh, no, I forgot to mention about the ticket price. We actually were going to go to another theater but it sold out so we looked for another theater that was playing the movie soon and ended up at this one. My husband said to the lady at the counter “2 tickets for daddy’s home” and the lady said “that will be $12 (and some cents)” and my husband goes “that can’t be right!” Haha but it was. It’s just a cheaper theater… I did text my sister excited about this cheap theater find and she responded with “did you bring a gun with you?” Lol…. I guess it’s not in the best area, but since we haven’t been here very long, we had no idea! So funny!


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