Weekend Recap 2.8.16

Hi guys!!! Happy Monday!  I hope you had a really nice weekend!  Ours was relaxing, productive and really fun!  We attended a boat show, got our new light fixture installed, took lots of walks, cleaned the whole house and watched the super bowl with my sister and her boyfriend.  Such a great weekend!


I took quite a lot of pictures this weekend so I may have to break this post up into two parts!  Here we go! 

Saturday afternoon my husband and I headed downtown to the boat show.  I was not very excited beforehand, but actually ended up really enjoying it.  Last year we bought a boat so I think actually having a boat made the experience more fun for me.  

SO thrilled on the way to the boat show. 



I love the sparkly color of this one!


I made him pose for me. 


Uh, turn your head to the side.


Then we checked out some boats that had fully stocked kitchens on them!

And some yachts that are nicer than our house. 🙂

I love the additions of the grills on these boats.  Nothing beats grilling out in the summertime!

“Smile!”  This is what I get… 


The yachts had some really nice rooms below!

I wouldn’t mind sleeping here.

Or here.

Or on this comfy looking bed.


And ofcourse, I found the one dog at the boat show.   The fire hydrant is his little perch.  He would come say hi then run back over to his hydrant and jump up on it and just hang out there.  

I really need this doggie. 


We are not in the market for a new boat, but we did meet a lot of nice people when discussing adding more speakers to our boat and adding to our collection of water toys (my husband love to wakeboard… I like to float on a raft with a drink in my hand).  😉

This is a little flotation device you sit on while hanging out in the water.  Kinda neat! 


The rest of our Sunday consisted of shopping at Trader Joes for some Super Bowl snacks.  We just watched the game at home with my sister and her boyfriend and all the pups.  We had lots of yummy snacks, but I just snapped a picture of a few!  

I think I have rambled on enough for today so I’ll be back tomorrow for some more pictures from our weekend!  Have a great week, everyone!!


  1. Did you watch the Super Bowl?
  2. Did you like the halftime show?
  3. What was your favorite commercial? 

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