The reason you have not seen alcohol on the blog this year…

Happy Saturday yall! I hope you are enjoying your weekend so far and that the weather is beautiful wherever you are!  We are settling back into life at home with the pups (plus a couple) and are enjoying a relaxing, productive and fun-filled weekend so far! We are hoping to pick out some new fabric to re-upholster our dinning room chairs (they are in desperate need of an update) along with installing a new dining room light fixture (this may have to wait until we have some more hands on deck.  (Ahem, family, I am talking to you.) 😉 


You are probably wondering what the heck my blog post title means and don’t worry, I will explain.  It is no secret that I love my wine.  Always have.  Red or white, doesn’t matter, I don’t discriminate.  I also love champagne (who doesn’t?) and fun fruity drinks in the summer time.  


And before you ask: No I am NOT pregnant.  🙂 (sorry, mom aka Mimi)

2015 was a big year for me.  Ever since we got engaged in October of 2014, there have been celebrations nonstop.  From celebrating our engagement, to bridal showers, to couples showers, to bachelorette/bachelor parties, to celebrating with friends and family, to our wedding weekend, to the honeymoon, shortly followed by the holidays, 2015 was one big party.  


Please don’t get me wrong, 2015 was the best year of my life, but probably not the best year for my liver.  I have always been a believer of all things in moderation and for me that means having a drink here and there, but not every day or every weekend.  I don’t have/nor have ever had a problem with drinking alcohol, but I found myself celebrating and making an excuse (“work was so stressful today,” “I am so stressed from all this wedding planning,” etc.) to drink more often than the previous years.  I wouldn’t change a thing because 2015 was an amazing year, but I wanted to start 2016 off on a healthier note!  


So I set a resolution to have a “sober January” and not consume any alcohol for an entire month.  It was difficult, but it was the best decision I have made since saying yes when my husband proposed!  


The first week was hard as I had to break a routine I did almost every day.  I like a glass of wine at dinner, but my favorite time to have a glass of wine is while cooking dinner.  I like to watch shows on my Ipad with my cordless headphones while I cook dinner and sip some wine.  It is my alone time each day that I cherish.  Breaking that habit was hard at first, but after the first week, I no longer even thought about reaching for some wine.  The other hard time to avoid alcohol was in social settings.  I consider myself an extroverted introvert.  I am pretty shy at first when meeting new people or when put in a group setting, but once I start to talk, I don’t stop. 🙂  Alcohol definitely helps me open up more in a group setting and the first social setting (remember the dinner party/game night we hosted at the beginning of January?) was hard to resist a glass of wine while everyone around me was drinking, but at the end of the night, I was so happy I didn’t give in.  And guess what?  I still had a blast!  

I really learned a lot from this experience so I thought I would share what I learned and the positives that can come from abstaining from alcohol for one month!

  1. It takes about a week to break a habit (for me) and after that it was not very difficult. 
  2. I have a lot more will power than I previously thought (especially in social settings). 
  3. You do not need alcohol to have fun!  It may be uncomfortable or awkward at first, but you should do what you want (not what others are doing). 
  4. Physically, I felt so much better all month!  My workouts were more productive, I slept amazing (8+ hours every night), my digestion improved, my head/thoughts were clearer, and I was a lot less groggy/tired in the mornings.  

Final Thoughts: Giving up alcohol was a big challenge for me, but after completing the month of no drinking, I had no desire to have a drink.  I feel better physically and mentally than I ever have before.  I do not plan to abstain from alcohol all together, but I will definitely be using the moderation approach more carefully in the times to come.  

While in Florida, on February 2nd, after our long bike ride, my husband took me out for a drink to celebrate (oh the irony) my Sober January.  

And it was delicious, even if it took me 2 hours to finish 😉

Thanks for letting my share my journey with you!  As always, have a fabulous weekend!!


  1. Do you drink alcohol? Drink of choice?
  2. Ever gave up something for an entire month? Alcohol? Sugar? Fast food? Meat? Caffeine?
  3. What would be the hardest thing for you to give up today? 



6 thoughts on “The reason you have not seen alcohol on the blog this year…

  1. Didn’t even notice you weren’t drinking!!! Have done that when on medication; told Ron and a friend they weren’t nearly as funny as they thought they were!!! Good for you!!!! Hope to have you all over soon for dinner and another game night!!! So fun!


  2. A few years ago when I first got married and moved out of my parent’s house I gave up all processed foods. I didnt eat them for a month which was hard because I used to treat myself with some of it. Now…I dont crave it at all and no longer eat it. It was supposed to be a challenge to get healthier and turned in to my way of life! I am known to buy an egg white delight from Mcdonalds every now and again though….sometimes ya just gotta live life 🙂


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