Florida day 2!

Good morning!  I hope your weekend was great and your Monday is off to a good start! Fortunately, we are still enjoying the Florida sunshine.  We are off to go on a run then go rent bikes for the day! 


The rest of Sunday consisted of long walks.


Golf cart rides.


and board games.


Did I tell you our golf cart for the week is named Barbie? 🙂


Oh, and there was a lot of drone flying going on at the beach too!  Pictures to come later!


I love all the pretty trees here.

Isn’t this street so beautiful with the trees that create an arch?


Apparently, people actually get married here underneath these beautiful trees.


I love jackets with the thumb holes in them! 


Lunch was a salad and my leftover sweet potato!


More walking!

Spotted this cute cat.


And the beautiful ocean again.


So many beautiful views on the island.

Hummus and crackers and cucumbers for a snack.

How cute is this sign for wet clothing after being at the beach?


More snaps from my sister of the pups!! Love the updates! 

We went to dinner at the Pink Elephant and my husband ordered a jalapeno margarita and when it arrived we both died laughing because it was pink!!  I had to get a picture…. but it took quite a few takes. 

Okay, that will do.  🙂

For dinner I got the grilled swordfish with roasted brussels sprouts and asparagus.  It was heavenly!! 


Off to go for a run then bike around the island!  Have a great Monday!


  1. What was your favorite part of the weekend?  
  2. Do you like spicy drinks?
  3. Do you do any biking?


4 thoughts on “Florida day 2!

  1. So so pretty! I am going to Florida next month and I cannot wait. Favorite part of the weekend was going to a dance with my friends. I love biking and can’t wait till it warms up so I can start up again!


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