Tuesday Tangents

Happy Tuesday everyone!  How are you doing today?  I am a little tired after a long night with a restless pup (one we are watching), but other than that, my week is off to a good start!  Yesterday I picked up some new jeans and a sweater at Old Navy that were on sale.  They are having some great sales right now for some winter and spring clothes.  


On Sunday morning, we headed to the dog park to run our pups around. 

Sweet Callie so happy.

Little Riley was in heaven.  He loves running around at the park.  

Riley met a new friend to sniff. 🙂

Callie likes the park, but she doesn’t wander too far… 


And this little one just ran back and forth by the gate dreaming about going in the water.  He is one of the only little dogs I know that absolutely loves the water and loves to swim to fetch toys.  


Please mom, I really want to go in the water!!


Like I’ve mentioned before, this little one doesn’t hear no very often. 🙂  So off to the water we went… 

Much to our surprise, he only got in enough to cover his legs.  The waves were pretty big and the water was pretty chilly too.  But he really enjoyed running back and forth along the edge of the water. 

Just a few more months then the water will be warm, little one. 


This one though… heck no.  She prefers to stay by me and check on her brother occasionally.  The sun is too bright, mom! 


We got a lot of walks in the last few days!

Very happy pup. 

Riley helped me color Sunday night. 😉


But he ditched me pretty quickly when he found this bone.  

Really mom? A picture right now?


A delicious snack of plain greek yogurt, a little peanut butter and a drizzle of honey! Such a yummy combination!


Last night we grilled zucchini, steak for the husband, and tofu for me.  We paired it with a salad and roasted carrots!  I love different foods at dinner!  Yum!


Have a great Tuesday!!! I’ll see you tomorrow!!


  1. Do you have an adult coloring book?
  2. Favorite veggie to grill? 
  3. Do you have any pets?   

4 thoughts on “Tuesday Tangents

  1. Your dogs are adorable 🙂 I have two poodles! And yes, I do have an adult coloring book, no shame haha. Favorite veggie to grill is probably zucchini too! Hope you have a great day ❤


  2. Yum! Yes, I got an under the sea themed adult coloring book for christmas and i love it!
    Zucchini is my absolute favorite grilled vegetable!


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