Girls weekend, surprise shower, dress shopping, and couples shower

Happy Thursday ya’ll!  It’s almost Friday, which means today is going to be a great day!  It is time for another installment of wedding preparation fun.  Today I will show you some of the most fun times I had while we were engaged last year!


Shortly after we got engaged (living in Cincinnati, OH) we found out we were moving to Dallas, TX.  I knew I wanted to get my dress before the move so that I could get my alterations done in Indianapolis (where our wedding took place) when I came back for other meetings for wedding planning.  

My amazing mother-in-law graciously offered to host me, my bridesmaids, my mom, and my aunt for a weekend in January so we could all go shop for my dress and the girls bridesmaids dresses.  All the girls made the trip to Indianapolis (from Nashville, Dallas, New Jersey, and Long Island).  I am so blessed.  


Early Friday morning, the girls snuck down to the living room and decorated for a surprise bridal shower for me.  It was the sweetest gesture ever.  I was completely shocked.


Ofcourse, we all got matching pajamas (it’s a big thing in my family) and sashes with our titles.


Love these ladies.  I’m getting married! 

Aren’t they the cutest?


They even organized for us to get facials at the house.  Riley kept my mom company during her facial 🙂


I thoroughly enjoyed my facial.


We played lots of games and I opened lots of “pamper” themed gifts (so thoughtful!).  


My mom had the girls divide up and decorate little cakes and I had to be the judge and pick a winner!  SO fun!

Me with the winners!


Coffee before the mimosas started flowing 🙂


Riley got pampered too 😉


Me and my sweet momma!


My girls.


My mothers 🙂




On Saturday morning, we made the 2 hour drive to Cincinnati to shop for our dresses in the bridal district.  


The adorable signs the girls made to let me know how they liked/didn’t like each dress I tried on without 10 people screaming 🙂 (next, like, the one, and maybe)


After about 6 or 7 dresses, I found “the one.” (It later turned out not to be the one after getting it back from the manufacturer in sub-par condition.  I had to start from scratch 3 months before my wedding day at a store in Dallas with my sister and her friend.  Yes, I carried my 2 bags, wedding dress, and dog on the plane by myself (not recommended)…. but it was meant to be and it all worked out.)

The the girls tried on a couple dresses and it was a done deal! They got the below dresses in Navy.  (I originally wanted neutral, but totally changed my mind that day!)

My mother-in-law made a reservation at Kenwood Country Club for a nice lunch out for all the girls.  We had some celebrating to do!


Wine included 🙂


We were all so relieved to have that task behind us!  Dress shopping can be a little stressful.  


My aunt took the picture, that’s why she is missing!


Then we headed back to Indianapolis for a relaxed dinner at home 🙂


We had such a blast that weekend.  All these girls made my dress shopping experience so enjoyable and it was so nice to be able to all relax and catch up before the big day.  


A little later in the year, my mother-in-law’s friends threw us a couples shower in Indianapolis with a lot of our friends and family.  It was so sweet of them to do that.

Me and one of my bridesmaids, Lissa (best friend from middle school).  


Once again, we had friends travel from Nashville, New Jersey, Cincinnati, Cleveland, and more.  We are beyond grateful. 


Out in Indianapolis for a little fun with my best friends!


Thanks for listening to me go on and on about my friends and family, but I just love them so much!  


  1. Are you going to any weddings this year?
  2. Did you go dress shopping with a lot of people?
  3. Any mishaps with your wedding dress?

2 thoughts on “Girls weekend, surprise shower, dress shopping, and couples shower

  1. What a great surprise shower! I love the idea of decorating a cake! So thoughtful of them! I love going to weddings! I went dress shopping with my 2 sisters, one of my cousins, my mom, and my best friend.


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