Rehearsal dinner recap

Happy Friday ya’ll!  We made it!  I can’t wait for the weekend to start!  We have lots of fun plans for this weekend so we are hoping for some nice weather!  


Today I thought I would recap one of the best nights of my life.  Our rehearsal dinner was laid back, fun, and definitely a night to remember.  My in-laws hosted the rehearsal dinner at Hotel Tango a beautiful, eclectic distillery in Indianapolis.  It was so nice to have the extra time to mingle and catch up with our closest friends and family who came from so far (California, Florida, New Jersey, Georgia, ect.) to celebrate with us.


Love this guy.  


The theme was girls in pearls and boys in denim.  My husband wanted to wear jeans and his cowboy boots and I wanted to wear a dress so I think the theme incorporated both styles perfectly so everyone could wear what they wanted!

My mother-in-law put so much detail into making our rehearsal dinner just perfect.  It was our style with lots of cute little touches.  

We even got to design our own signature drink (my husband’s last name is Plump hence “The Plumpinator.”  



Pretty signs just for us were all around!


My sweet girlies!


We can be silly, too!


And they all love Jon! And he sure loves us 🙂

I really hit the jackpot with my in-laws!  Love them so much!


The best part about our rehearsal dinner at the distillery was that a certain someone got to come…. we just couldn’t leave our ring bearer behind 🙂 (The adorable little girl is our cousin’s daughter… isn’t she a doll?)

My mom (on the left) and her 5 siblings!!  (yes, they are the Brady Bunch ;))


Boys eating dinner!


My sweet mother-in-law put together the sweetest slideshow of me and my husband each as children then of us as our relationship progressed.  It was the kindest gesture and so fun to see all the baby pictures!


And ofcourse, I sobbed.


And laughed a lot!


Then our families and friends gave the nicest speeches and made us feel so very special.

And lots of hugs for the beautiful, heart-felt words.  We are so blessed. 

Right before my two best friends (bridesmaids) and my best friend’s boyfriend got up and sang a rap song about Jon and I getting married… it was the most hilarious thing I have ever heard.  Everyone was dying of laughter.  I need to upload the video…


My sweet husband thanking our families and friends for coming.

Another one with my best girlfriends that shows the rustic venue a bit!


More family pictures!

Some fun snaps from the night.

Me and my beautiful mom and sister.  


A huge thank you to our cousin, Kristy, for being our unofficial photographer for the night and capturing so many special moments.  We are so grateful!

Our rehearsal dinner was so special and such a relaxing and amazing night before the big day.  We were able to kick back, enjoy time with friends and family, and get ready for the most important day of our lives! 

Thanks for letting me share this special time in my life!  Have a great weekend, ya’ll!


  1. If you are married, where did you have your rehearsal dinner?
  2. If you engaged, where are you going to have your rehearsal dinner?
  3. Are you close with your in-laws?

4 thoughts on “Rehearsal dinner recap

  1. Your dinner looks so beautiful. I recently got married about 8 months ago and the rehearsal dinner was one of my favorite parts. I hope you have a great weekend and I look forward to your wedding too.


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