Weekend Recap 1.11.16

Happy Monday everyone!  We had a really nice weekend over here with fun, relaxation, and some productivity so it’s a win in my book!  And here Monday is again.. it always comes way too fast.  I managed to pull myself out of bed this morning to take a 6am body pump class so my week is off to a great start already!


Here’s a look at the rest of our weekend.

Saturday omelette after the gym.  I really should branch out a bit with my breakfasts.

But hey, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it ;).


Sweet cuddling siblings.

We watched this sweet boy for the weekend.  He is a sweetheart.

Saturday smoothie making with a side of Riley.

This one had spinach, flaxseed, pineapple, banana, mango, peach and coconut water.  Loving this combo right now. 

New friends.

Making himself right at home…

Don’t worry buddy, no one is going to steal your ball while you sleep 😉


Easy dinner with spiralized zucchini with pesto, grilled salmon, and a spinach salad.  Delicious.

Sunday morning breakfast while planning a big trip we have coming up in a couple months!


Riley wanted to be held like a little baby the entire time.  So tired.

Sweet Callie girl just hanging out.


So for our wedding we had guests sign flat tree rounds (made by my stepdad) instead of a guest book, and I have been wanting to display them.  I showed my husband the kind of shelves I wanted to put them on and he said he could make them so we headed to his favorite store. 


So excited about going to Lowes 😉


We got home and he got to work… shelves in progress.  I will show you a completed picture when they are hung with the guest logs on them. 


I used this stain and might do one more coat.  


The hubs and sweet siblings.

After lots of walks and games of fetch, they finally decided to rest. 

This is Bennie.  Don’t be fooled by his sweet face… he is a whiner.  Like all day and night…. 

As I was making my coffee this morning, I looked over and saw this.  Callie is guarding her food so Bennie can’t have any (Bennie has no interest in her food at all).  She would not move from this spot.  She has been known to “block out” Riley from the food as well.  We are still learning how to share over here.


Monday morning smoothie after body pump at 6am!  This is the same smoothie as the one up top, but with strawberries added to the mix!  


I hope everyone has a great Monday and an awesome week!!  Let’s make it a good one!


  1. What did you do this weekend?
  2. Do you like DIY projects?
  3. Do you have any upcoming trips planned?

4 thoughts on “Weekend Recap 1.11.16

  1. It sounds like a great weekend! It’s gotten pretty cold around us so except for racing a 10 miler, I decided to stay inside (which was relatively easy since I worked most of the weekend). Today is my weekend so I’m just enjoying relaxing.


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