Dinner, friends, games = party!

Good morning guys!  I hope you are having a fantastic weekend!!  We have had such a great weekend already!!


On Friday night,my sister and her boyfriend helped host a dinner party at our house with 5 other friends.  We were laughing all night enjoying drinks and yummy food and had the best time.

We started the night with this black bean and corn dip serviced with chopped veggies and crackers.


Huge salad of mixed greens, craisins, and sugared pecans (toast with coconut oil, then mix with stevia) drizzled with balsamic vinaigrette.


Lots of sides… rolls, roasted broccoli, sauteed mushrooms (with balsamic and chili peppers) and roasted potatoes with parmasean cheese.

Our yummy spread.  My sister and her boyfriend made pork tenderloin two different ways.


Riley patiently waiting for the droppings 🙂


All the girlies!


And the boys!


After dinner, we played Cards Against Humanity… my sister and her boyfriend got it for us for Christmas.  If you haven’t played this game, well…let’s just say, it is very inappropriate (and funny) ;).


Girls again!


Otis wanted to play too.


Aunt Tay, I’m bored.


We were constantly laughing during this entire game… way too much fun!

Happy Birthday, Chris!

Me and my sweet sis.


My sister, her boyfriend, and their dog, Otis dancing!  Too cute.

While our guests were over, we went on our rooftop deck to take fly the drone and take a group picture!

Take 1

Take 2


Take 3



Take 4


It was late and dark and so windy so it was really hard to get a good picture with the drone, but hey, we tried! 🙂

Off to enjoy my weekend and I hope you do the same!!


1. Did you do anything fun on Friday or Saturday?

2. What meal do you like cooking for company?

3. Have you ever played Cards Against Humanity (or Apples to Apples, the PG version)?



5 thoughts on “Dinner, friends, games = party!

    1. Hi! Thanks for stopping by! I just bought a box of mixed greens from the grocery store and added craisins and toasted pecans (I sauteed the pecans in a pan on low in coconut oil for a few minutes then transferred them to a bowl and tossed with a 1-2 TBL of stevia… add stevia to the pecans off of the heat so it does not turn bitter). I just topped this salad with a store bought balsamic vinaigrette for convenience! Hope this helps!


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