Weekend Recap 1.4.15

Good morning!! The holidays have finally come and gone… It is always sad when they come to an end, but it is nice to get back to a routine and some normalcy.  Is everyone headed back to work today?


My Monday morning started bright and early at the gym with you guessed it, a Body Pump class.  I am so so so sore from the class I took on Saturday after not having been to a class in about two weeks.  Needless to say, this morning’s class hurt…like real bad.  

We had a really nice weekend filled with fun and relaxation.  You can see the rest of our weekend in my last posts, but here’s the rest!

More walks with the pups!

Can’t forget Teddy…

Callie and that tongue…

Another beautiful picture my dad sent me of his lakehouse.  Take me back to Tennessee now.


Sunday morning started nice and healthy with some fresh fruit (pineapple and pears) and yummy smoothies.  This one had mango, pear, pineapple, spinach, frozen berries, and a little bit of orange juice.


And a little Parent Trap watching on my ipad while editing some photos.

I’m not sure if I have mentioned this on the blog before, but my dog Callie does not like toys.  Not only does she not like them, she is terrified of them.  If you put one in front of her, she will run as far away as possible.  But guys, we made some progress this weekend… we caught her gently playing with this stuffed toy… progress not perfection 🙂

Most of Sunday was spent finishing up taking down our Christmas decorations… so much work.  I told my husband we might not have Christmas next year 😉

Sunday evening, I felt the urge to move a bit (especially since I was SO sore) to shake out my muscles a bit so I headed to my treadmill for a short, easy run while catching up on some shows.


Loving my new Fitbit with the built in heart rate monitor.


The yummy pickled veggies.


The makings of my favorite kale salad… hey, when I like something, I eat it ALOT.  

Topped off the kale salad with broiled tofu and pickled veggies with a side of roasted sweet potatoes.

My cute dad sent me this text.  He is trying to do more cooking at home.  SO proud of him!! (Side note: his name is Dad Nashville in my phone because he lived in Switzerland for about 4 years and had different cell numbers… I should change that now that he is back for good :)).


After the gym this morning, I whipped a big filling breakfast omelette (1 egg, 4 eggwhites, leftover broiled tofu, topped with avocado).  YUM!

I am off to go pick up a bridesmaids dress with my sister for our cousin’s wedding later this year!  Then I am off to a much needed massage thanks to my hubby! 

Have a great day yall!!!


  1. What do you like in your omelettes?
  2. Do you have a Fitbit?
  3. Do you prefer to run on the treadmill or outside?


4 thoughts on “Weekend Recap 1.4.15

  1. Yum that salad looks awesome, i may have to make that next week for lunch! 😀 My favorite omlette combo is mushrooms onions spinach and cheddar cheese!


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