Sales, traffic, dogs and food!

Happy Saturday friends!  We are keeping it pretty low key this weekend with projects around the house, taking down holiday decorations, cleaning out our closets and lots of playing with the pups! 


Did anyone else go to Dillard’s for their New Year’s Day sale?  Most items are an additional 50% off on top of sale prices.  There are some really good deals, but the downside is the crowds and messes.  By the time we got to Dillard’s Friday afternoon.. this is what we saw:

We didn’t even make it to the women’s section (I was over it pretty quickly ;), but scored some deals for my husband including a few pairs of pants and some shirts.  

After that nightmare, we got the pleasure of driving home in the Dallas traffic 🙂 We realized it must have been an accident shortly after (I truly hope everyone was okay and not harmed).  

By this point, we were exhausted and hungry so we opted for take out.  Have you guys ever tried BBbop? It is really good and one of our favorite take out places! Can you guess which one is mine? 😉


Yep, I got sesame brown rice, lots of veggies, and an egg over easy on top.


But the best part about BBbop is the sauce bar.  I always get the coconut curry sauce and the cucumber chili sauce.  So good.


Since I was so kind to buy my husband some new clothes ;), I made him try on all of his clothes and create a donate pile with the ones that don’t fit anymore.  He loves me 🙂

Even Riley helped 🙂


Riley and Callie like to hog the remote.

Sweet Otis.

Mira, a sweetie we are watching for the weekend.  Yeah, we have a LOT of dogs in this house right now! 


Off to take these crazy pups on a walk!! See you tomorrow!  Enjoy your weekend!


  1. Do you have any dogs? How many?
  2. Did you fight the Dillard’s crowds?
  3. Have you taken down holiday decorations or still have them up?


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