Hi from Florida!

Hi yall!  I hope you are having an amazing weekend, we sure are over here!  We are about to go to the beach so my husband can fly his drone (yes, he brought the drone to Florida…).  But first, let’s back up a day or two and I’ll show you what we have been up to! 


Saturday morning started bright and early with a treadmill run before I dropped the dogs off at my sister and her boyfriend’s apartment (so thankful they watch our pups!) before we got ready and headed to the airport for our flight.

I always travel with plenty of snacks… airport snacks are so expensive and can be very unhealthy… hey, you never know if your flight will be delayed. My favorite snacks are bananas, apples, almonds, dates, think thin bars, coconut chips, and ofcourse gum!


After our quick flight, we grabbed the rental car and made the hour and a half drive to Boca Grande. The views on the drive were so pretty.

I am his favorite passenger 😉


Once we arrived to the house, we went on a walk around the island.  

We took a little stroll in the Gasparilla Inn (a super nice hotel) and walked past the fire department. 

Had a little snack of green grape and walnuts.


Our cute little room for our stay!

We took a ride on the golfcart to dinner… I got the backseat… not a smart move when my husband is driving. 🙂


We went to a restaurant called The Temptation and it was beyond delicious. 


I got the tuna on a seaweed salad and it came with a side of roasted parmesean cauliflower and a baked sweet potato.  Best tuna I have ever had!!

The cutest snapchats from my sister of the pups.  Callie loves her cousin Otis.

Got in a long run this morning! 5 miles done!

Chopped up some melon!

I had a yummy post-run breakfast of fruit (grapes, melon, and blueberries) and scrambled eggs (1 egg, 2 egg whites) with spinach and avocado.  And ofcourse, coffee.  


Off to enjoy the sunshine!  Have a wonderful Sunday!! 


  1. What are you doing today?
  2. Did you workout this weekend?
  3. What are your favorite travel snacks? 

Friday fun!

Good morning!! It’s Friday at last!  I hope you all had a good week and have an even better weekend!  I am so excited as we have a little trip planned with my in-laws.  I’ll be sure to check in during our time away! I will keep the words short today as I have lots of work to do and lots of packing! 


Delicious smoothie of spinach, flaxseed, organe juice, banana, frozen berries, and pineapple. 


The most delicious salad with grilled salmon on top (I just grilled the salmon on my stovetop grill pan with olive oil, salt, and pepper).  

You guys know I can’t have a meal without my sweet potato fries 😉


Just another way I’m using up my leftovers.  Brown rice with sauteed mushrooms, onions, and garlic topped with a veggie burger and avocado.  Heavenly.



Guys, the food hoarder is still in full force.  She is so ridiculous.  

Butterball is back!


Butterball loves Bruce.

Bruce is so over it.  


Bruce loves his walks!

Dog park fun to run these pups!

My nephew, Otis and some shadows.  Don’t be fooled by his innocent face… he had all the dogs chasing him in circles at the park.  He is the ring leader. 🙂

Riley and Callie are too scared to join the pack.  

Bruce and Otis. 

Have a great Friday and an awesome weekend everyone!  I will see you soon from Florida with pictures from our trip!  I know you will miss all the doggie pictures, but the pups have to stay behind with their aunt, uncle, and cousin, Otis.  😉


  1. Do you like salmon?
  2. Favorite way to cook sweet potatoes?
  3. Tell me what you are looking forward to doing this weekend!

Thursday thoughts

Happy Thursday yall!  The weekend is near!  Anybody else ready for this week to be over? 🙂 

I just got home from another early morning body pump class and boy am I sore.  Ouch! 


Sometimes you just need a little pick-me-up.  My go-to at Starbucks is a triple grande skinny vanilla latte.  So good!

I just love fresh cut pineapple.  It’s my favorite.


Yummy snack of greek yogurt, craisins and honey.  The honey makes it so good!

I’ve been on a big tofu lately.  I love to top my salads with it for lunch.


And on top of brown rice and veggies for dinner!  With avocado, ofcourse!


I saw this on instagram the other day and it is way too true.  I may or may not have gone a full week without washing my hair… thank goodness for dry shampoo.


Walks with the doggies.

This is Bruce.  He is such a sweetie.  Sorry for the blurry picture, but he is quite an active pup and doesn’t hold still for pictures. 🙂


Bruce and Riley hoping I might drop some food…

Sweet Bruce.

Lots to do today!  I’ll see you guys tomorrow!!  Friday is so near!!! 


  1. Are you doing anything fun this weekend?
  2. How often do you wash your hair? 
  3. What is your go-to order at Starbucks?

Peanut butter banana smoothie

Hi guys!  Happy Wednesday to you all!  I hope your day is off to a good start.  I’ve got my eyes set on a fun weekend trip so that is keeping me going!  I took an early morning body pump class followed by a long (cold) walk with 3 sweet pups so I am feeling great!  I am off to a physical therapy appointment to work on my back/neck/shoulder pain and hoping it helps.  


You all know by now how much I love smoothies.  In fact, I start almost every day with a big smoothie.  My morning smoothies are usually fruit based as fruit is best digested on an empty stomach.  As much as I love my daily morning smoothie, I’m not much of a smoothie as a snack person.  But every once in a while, I’ll get a hankering for a smoothie later in the day (or as a dessert) especially when the hot summer weather rolls around. 


One of my favorite flavor combinations is banana and peanut butter.  I mean really, what is better?  The only thing better is both in a smoothie.  That is where today’s smoothie inspiration came from. 

Peanut butter banana smoothie.


Ingredients: 1-2 bananas (frozen or not will work), 1-2 tablespoons peanut butter (almond butter will work), 1 cup ice (more or less depending on if you used a frozen banana), 1 cup almond milk (I use unsweetened vanilla), and 1 teaspoon of cinnamon.  


Put it in the blender….


And blend!

This smoothie is really versatile.  You can add spinach to increase the nutrients, coconut milk for a different taste, vanilla or chocolate protein powder for more protein, or vanilla extra for more flavor.

This smoothie is so tasty and refreshing on a hot summer day (or after a sweaty workout).  Serve it up in a glass!

Or in a bowl topped with more peanut butter!


I promise it won’t disappoint!



  1. What is your favorite smoothie recipe?
  2. What is your go-to post workout snack/meal?
  3. Do you prefer peanut butter or almond butter?

Tuesday Tangents

Happy Tuesday everyone!  How are you doing today?  I am a little tired after a long night with a restless pup (one we are watching), but other than that, my week is off to a good start!  Yesterday I picked up some new jeans and a sweater at Old Navy that were on sale.  They are having some great sales right now for some winter and spring clothes.  


On Sunday morning, we headed to the dog park to run our pups around. 

Sweet Callie so happy.

Little Riley was in heaven.  He loves running around at the park.  

Riley met a new friend to sniff. 🙂

Callie likes the park, but she doesn’t wander too far… 


And this little one just ran back and forth by the gate dreaming about going in the water.  He is one of the only little dogs I know that absolutely loves the water and loves to swim to fetch toys.  


Please mom, I really want to go in the water!!


Like I’ve mentioned before, this little one doesn’t hear no very often. 🙂  So off to the water we went… 

Much to our surprise, he only got in enough to cover his legs.  The waves were pretty big and the water was pretty chilly too.  But he really enjoyed running back and forth along the edge of the water. 

Just a few more months then the water will be warm, little one. 


This one though… heck no.  She prefers to stay by me and check on her brother occasionally.  The sun is too bright, mom! 


We got a lot of walks in the last few days!

Very happy pup. 

Riley helped me color Sunday night. 😉


But he ditched me pretty quickly when he found this bone.  

Really mom? A picture right now?


A delicious snack of plain greek yogurt, a little peanut butter and a drizzle of honey! Such a yummy combination!


Last night we grilled zucchini, steak for the husband, and tofu for me.  We paired it with a salad and roasted carrots!  I love different foods at dinner!  Yum!


Have a great Tuesday!!! I’ll see you tomorrow!!


  1. Do you have an adult coloring book?
  2. Favorite veggie to grill? 
  3. Do you have any pets?   

Weekend Recap 1.25.16

Happy Monday everyone!  I hope your week is off to a great start!  I just got back from an early morning body pump class followed by a long walk with the pups!  


Here’s a little look at our weekend.  

A new favorite smoothie combination: spinach, flaxseed, banana, pineapple, mango, kiwi and coconut water.  It is seriously so so so good. 

Fill it up! 

Some of my favorite snacks: fresh fruit, Think Thin bars, and celery with peanut butter!

I saw this on snapchat the other day… too funny…and true!


My sister came over for take out food and a movie on Friday night.  3 pups! We watched The Intern with Robert de Niro and Anne Hathaway.  It was pretty good. 

My nephew, Otis, sitting on my lap. 🙂

Kale salad for lunch at work on Friday.


Leftover brown rice and veggies make for a perfect brunch topped with avocado and 2 eggs and a side salad! Yum!

Leftover quinoa with the same concept, different day.  Can’t get enough!


Sunday morning started bright and early with a 5 miles treadmill run while watching Fixer Upper… love this show! 


Coffee and green smoothies were regulars this weekend.

Cuddle bug Riley.


Isn’t this crazy? I definitely contribute to that number! I love my peanut butter. 🙂


My favorite meal was repeated a couple times this past week.  I never get sick of it.


I love this instagram page.  The houses are so unreal!  


That’s all I’ve got for today!  Have a great week ya’ll!!


  1. What is your favorite brunch food?
  2. Do you like peanut butter?
  3. Did you get any workouts in this weekend?   

Saturday talks

Hi guys! I hope you are all enjoying your weekend and staying warm!  To my friends that got hit with lots of snow, I hope you are enjoying it!  I have to admit, I kind of miss the snow a little bit since we moved to Dallas, but I don’t miss having to drive in it.  I prefer watching the snow from inside my house bundled up on the couch with lots of blankets, a toasty fire, and a cup of warm hot chocolate. 🙂


I am off to a body pump class at the gym and then I have to get ready for Riley’s Therapy Dog exam today (Riley and I are training to be a Dog Therapy team). Let’s hope he passes 😉

Some snow pictures from my mom, dad, and best friend in Nashville.  So pretty!

I love the pretty birds in the snow.

This is the lovely site I came home to the other day… I thought someone had broken into our house… nope.  The dog we were watching knocked this big picture (with the glass and frame) off of the ledge (that most dogs are scared of going near) and it fell down the stairs.  It was not fun to clean up, but I am just happy that no dogs were injured in the process.  After lots of vacuuming and mopping, I will still be wearing shoes in my house for a while 🙂 

IMG_7668 - Copy

Smoothie with spinach, flaxseed, banana, coconut water and frozen mango.  Yum!

And another smoothie with the same ingredients as the previous one plus some frozen berries! 

My go-to easy dinner when the hubs is out of town.  Chopped salad topped with a veggie burger (I buy them frozen) topped with avocado.  SO easy and never gets old!

Another yummy meal with red quinoa (cooked in vegetable broth), corn, black beans, onions, mushrooms, and tossed with fresh cilantro!  

But don’t forget the homemade guacamole (avocado, onion, garlic, salt, pepper, lime juice, and fresh cilantro)!!


It’s so yummy, you will go back for seconds!  I sure did!


I always make a lot of any dish so we have leftovers for simple meals the following days!


A few other healthy dessert options that I took pictures of from the tastemade snapchat story.  They all look so easy and yummy! 

You may have seen my chia seed pudding recipe on the blog a while ago, and this is why I love chia seeds!  16 grams of protein for every 3.5 ounces!  So good for you!

I am off to the Dog Therapy exam with Riley!  Wish us luck!! Have a great rest of the weekend!


  1. Do you like chia seeds? Favorite recipe?
  2. How much snow did you get?
  3. Do you like quinoa?  Favorite recipe?