San Diego Days 1 & 2

Good Morning!!!  I am blogging from the beautiful state of Cali today so I can’t complain!  I hope everyone is having a great Friday and has some fun weekend plans ahead!  Now for the good stuff!

When I arrived in San Diego, I was greeted by this lovely message on my phone…. ha! I was really hoping I was not on the wrong flight 😉


My uncle picked me up from the airport and we had time to kill before picking up my aunt from the airport.  We found a cute little cafe by the water for lunch with some pretty great views.  

My aunt and uncle have the cutest boxer named Lucky.  He is quite the handful, but so sweet.  Lucky and I took a lot of walks!  I was missing my pups back home.  

Walking around the neighborhood!

Wednesday night I got to meet my cousin’s baby, Gabe.  He is such a cutie.  He has endless amounts of energy and his laughs are the cutest!

So then this happened…. and I was really excited!! Until I realized it was not the real Carrie Underwood 😦


My sister always sends me so many fun snapchats of the pups while I am away.

On Thursday, my aunt took me to Coronado (one of my favorite places) to have lunch and take a walk along the beach.

Ofcourse, Lucky got to join too 🙂

We forgot where we parked the car, so we got in some extra steps!

We always have the best time with these two!

Thursday night, we attended a work dinner with Jon’s coworkers and today we are off to orange county!

My mom and I are trying to find some cute holiday desserts to bring to a Christmas party.  I think these look soo cute!


My mom wants to make these! So healthy and simple!

grape santas

I found this fun list of healthy holiday treats that you should definitely check out if you need something healthy inspiration for holiday parties!

I am off to go enjoy the beautiful California!! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

QUESTIONS for YOU: Answer in the comments!!

  1. Do you have any fun weekend plans?
  2. What is your favorite holiday dessert to bring to a party?
  3. Have you ever been to California?

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