Traveling Through the Chaos

Hi guys!  After my recent post about making a seamless transition from traveling for the holidays to getting back into the swing of things at home and work, I thought I would do a post discussing travel tips I have picked up over the years of traveling.  


My husband will often say, “your bag is SO heavy, what do you have in there?” My life, that’s what’s in there.  😉 I kid.. but I do bring a lot of important and necessary things with me when I travel.  


Like an entire carry-on devoted to snacks when traveling abroad.  I have yet to meet an airplane meal that I can stomach.  :/ And I refuse to go hungry trapped some 10,000 feet up in the sky while Bob eats his big mac that he decided to open the moment he sat in his seat, which is conveniently located next to mine.  For the record, I don’t want Bob’s big mac, it just makes me hungry.  But luckily, I always come prepared.


From the beginning,

  1. Don’t check a bag unless it is necessary.  I love being able to bypass baggage claim and go straight to my ride.  Unless… you are flying Southwest and get a free checked bag (or 2) and you are switching flights.  I hate having to run through the airport with my carry-on bag in between flights.  I end up bumping into people and tripping over it myself.  It’s just not a pretty site.  So in this case, I check the bag and pray it ends up in my final destination (I have had my bag lost twice so there isn’t anything valuable in it this time anyway).


2. TSA pre check.  If you are a frequent flyer, you should definitely look into applying for TSA pre check.  I personally don’t use it, but my husband, who travels a lot for work, uses it regularly.  You get to go in the fast lane in security.. I can’t count the number of times this has saved him. You don’t have to take off your shoes or take your computer out of your bag.  You do have to do an interview and background test (I think this is right) and pay a fee.  My husband thinks it is very worth it if you travel a lot.


3. Pack early, but not too early.  Start making a packing list a week out from your trip to figure out how many outfits you should bring and what items you need to purchase before your trip.  This leaves you plenty of time to pick up extra items you may need without feeling rushed.  I typically get my suitcase out two days before the trip, but don’t really start packing until a day before the trip.  If I pack any earlier, I always end up needing things and forgetting where I put things and what items I actually packed.  Organize early, pack last.



4. HYDRATE.  Yes, I am going to tell you to bring an empty water bottle through security to fill up at the water fountain on the way to your gate, but hydrate in this context means something different. It means hydrate before your flight.  Like way before.  The whole day before you should be drinking extra water and avoiding alcohol and caffeine that will leave you dehydrated. Dehydration when flying can cause headaches and bloating.  It is important to stay hydrated on the plane, but also to board the plane fully hydrated.

copenhagen 11

5. Pack the Snacks. I am a snacker and I must have food available at all times.  Yes, I usually bring too much, but there have been many times where my husband and I were stuck in an airport or on a runway and my husband starts asking for snack after snack after snack from the “completely unnecessary amount of snacks” I brought.  I do feed him, but only after a little teasing. (I told you so!) Easy snacks for traveling: fruit-apples, bananas, mangoes, oranges,vegetables-cucumber, pepper, carrots, hummus, guacamole, avocado, nuts-almonds, pistachios, pecans, walnuts, granola bars- homemade, Think Thin, Lara Bars, Quest Bars, rice crackers, rice cakes, and GUM for your ears.


6. Avoid the germs.  Ew. Airplanes are so full of germs.  It pains me to even think about it.  They are inevitable, but we can take precautions to avoid getting sick and passing the germs.  I always bring wet wipes and hand- sanitizer for extra washing and rubbing down the tray table.  EmergenC packets.  I typically take one-two packets the morning before a flight and one packet on a flight if I am not feeling well.


7. Other suggestions: head pillow for long flights, blanket, comfortable clothing, easy shoes to take off through security, arrive to airport early, headphones, Ipad, phone, chargers, music,  Dramamine for those bumpy flights, check- in early/get a seat close to the front (window or isle), use the restroom before getting on the flight, print your itinerary ahead of time, bring some cash (tipping, activities, small purchases), magazines, books, notebook (I do a lot of my planning, organizing, to-do lists on the plane when I have time to kill).


Questions for You: Answer in the comments section! 

  1. What are some of your best travel tips?
  2. What are some of your favorite snacks when traveling?
  3. Do you always check a bag or try to squeeze your stuff in a carry-on?

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