The BEST granola bars ever

Good Morning!!! I am excited it is Thursday and that the weekend begins tomorrow.  We don’t have much in store for Saturday, but have a few plans on Sunday.  I am excited to relax at home before another trip next week.  Onto the good stuff 🙂


If you don’t remember, I am a huge snacker.  I would much rather pick at everything than have one meal.  I love making a bunch of appetizers and turning it into a meal.  While I love to snack often, I do try to keep it healthy most of the time.  Sometimes, however, I splurge a bit!  


I so wish I could take credit for these granola bars, but I can’t.  I have made these more times than I can count.  My husband loves them for an easy snack at home or on the go.


 I modify them all the time and they always turn out amazing.  I usually use chopped almonds instead of slice (I love the texture) and I usually use old-fashioned oats and don’t even bother to grind them up.  I also chop up the dark chocolate chips so there are more bites throughout the bars.  



These bars taste amazing every. single. time.  It is really hard to mess up granola bars, and these are no exception.  All modifications (sometimes I forget the cinnamon or vanilla or salt) will still lead to a delicious bar with a slight variation.  


Almost ready to eat!



For ease and convenience, I slice and individually wrap the bars and store them in the freeze so they are ready to go when I am in a hurry.  


If you have some time, you should really make these!  They will not disappoint!  They are mom approved, husband approved, and kid approved!  They will also leave you feeling satisfied without all the extra sugar and ingredients you cannot pronounce that many popular granola bars on the market contain.  Let me know if you give them a try!


  1. Do you make homemade granola bars?  Have a good recipe?
  2. What are your favorite snacks for on the go?
  3. Do you have a favorite store-bought granola/protein  bar that you recommend?  I love Think Thin bars, Quest bars, and Lara bars.

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