Weekend Recap at the Lake Continued

Hey friends!! I’m back to finish up my recap of our 4th of July trip to the lake! 

Each morning started out with a long walk with the pups.  Since my surgery, I have really enjoyed walking a lot more than I used to.  I take a couple walks with my dogs each day and spend some time walking on my treadmill catching up on shows or podcasts.  


Pretty views on our walk. 


After our morning walk we enjoyed coffee. 🙂


And did some more reading. 🙂  My mom would be so proud.  I remember growing up at one point my mom was in 7 book clubs.  


Friday night some family friends arrived and we had tacos for dinner!  Can’t go wrong with a taco bar!


My husband brought the clippers to trim our dogs hair while we were away and this is what happened… 


Although Riley loved his mohawk, I told my husband it had to go. 😉


On Saturday morning we headed out for a short hike on the Appalachian Trail!


Me and my mother-in-law on our hike!


My in-laws love our doggies, which always makes me so happy. 


We stopped at this scenic overlook on the way back for some pictures.  




Early in the afternoon, a couple more family friends arrived and before we knew it, it was time for dinner.  We had a big salad, grilled salmon, twiced baked potatoes with mushrooms and a green bean recipe with almonds.  It was all delicious!

My mother-in-law’s friend was the statue of liberty this year (we make someone wear the costume every year to the fireworks show) and she took her duties very seriously. 🙂


The fireworks were amazing as always!!


I don’t know if yall remember, but last year when we got home from the fireworks Callie was hiding (stuck) under our bed.  We actually ran out of her prescription doggie anti-anxiety meds before we left so we just picked up some calming tablets at the store and prayed they would work.  We tested them out throughout the week and they were amazing!!  They made her sleepy, but they kept her from violently shaking and running around like crazy scared out of her mind.  It was so nice to know she was comfortable while we were out on the boat that night.  


That sums up our long weekend at the lake!!  I love this lake tradition we have every 4th of July!  It is always so fun!! 


  1. Tell me one of your family traditions.
  2. What is one of your family’s favorite recipes?
  3. Did you get to see fireworks for the 4th?

Weekend Recap 7.8.18 Fourth of July Celebrations at Lake Burton

Happy Tuesday friends!!  How was your weekend and your fourth of July?  I hope it was wonderful!  We had such a great time at my in-law’s lake house in Georgia.

On Wednesday morning we headed out the door with pups in tow.  The last couple hours of the drive is on back country roads so we decided to take my husband’s convertible and take advantage of the nice weather.  The weather is funny in Georgia and can be sunny one minute and raining the next.  We only got rained on twice while in the car. 😉


So we pulled over quickly before we got poured on! 🙂


My momma sent us down with some festive homemade cookies she and my aunt made last week.  They lasted about 1.5 days.


We got in a few beautiful boat rides.


And tons of yummy food.  Wednesday night my mother-in-law made a big salad, corn on the cob, and steak and shrimp on the grill.


Have you guys used these copper grill mats before?  I just introduced my mother-in-law to them and she loves them just as much as we do.  You still get grill marks, but nothing gets stuck to the grill or falls through it.


My husband and I spent a TON of time reading on this trip.   When we are with friends or a lot of family sometimes it is hard to get in any reading so this trip was really nice just to be able to enjoy a good book. I finished the book Eileen.  It was a pretty good read, but a little slow for my liking.


We spent lots of time chatting on the porch while the sporadic thunderstorms rolled in.

And we hopped right back outside when the sun came back out.  This girl had a really good trip too!


Boat rides with my puppies.  They were very good on this trip except for the one time after dinner when we were cleaning dishes and I looked over and Riley had pulled food out of the trashcan…. Bad doggie. He’s old so we forgave him. 😉


Just want to let yall know that I am still the favorite.  My husband is trying hard to win their affection, but both of these doggies favor me to my husband.  But when I am away, they are obsessed with him.  It’s pretty funny.


I am going to finish up my weekend recap tomorrow so this post doesn’t get too long.  I would love to hear all about your weekend and your holiday in the comments!! Have a great day yall!

Weekend Recap continued… Happy Birthday Momma!!!

Happy 4th of July my sweet friends!!! I hope you all have a relaxing, festive, and safe holiday today!!  

Today I am finishing up my weekend recap where I left off on my last post.  Sunday morning included a workout, walk with the pups, a trip to Lowes and Walmart, and an afternoon of prepping food while my husband was out at Top Golf with his little brother (from big brothers big sisters).  

Sunday night my mom, step-dad, and aunt came over for dinner to celebrate my mom’s birthday, which is actually today!!! Happy birthday, momma!!!! We are SO beyond grateful for you and everything you do for us!!! I hope you enjoy your day lounging by the pool and reading a good book. 🙂 

For dinner we had rolls, a fruit salad (watermelon, strawberries, blackberries, and blueberries with lime juice and chopped fresh mint leaves), an arugula salad (arugula, craisins, goat cheese, and pumpkin seeds), a grilled corn and tomato salad (tomatoes, grilled corn, avocado, cilantro, scallions and a citrus dressing), grilled salmon and grilled shrimp! 


It was all so yummy!! 


After we finished dinner we brought out the chocolate cake my step-dad got for my mom!


We sang and she made a wish!


Beautiful cake from Publix.


I’ve told yall before, but my mom cannot leave our house without playing at least a few games of ping pong.  She is obsessed and I have to admit, we always have a blast when we play.  My husband and I don’t often play when it is just us, but our ping pong table gets used 99% of the time we are entertaining company.  


Jon and I played my mom and aunt in doubles and then my mom and aunt played a few more games.  We were all sweating by the end. 🙂


Our little spectators!  My favorites. 🙂


My husband and I always love a good excuse to entertain.  We are off to Georgia now and have to get the car all packed up!  Have a great 4th of July!!!! xoxoxo


  1. Do you have any fun plans for the holiday today?
  2. What is your favorite flavor of cake?
  3. Are you reading a good book right now? 

Weekend Recap 7.1.18 Relaxing Weekend at Home with a LOT of Yummy Food!

Hey yall!!! How was your weekend?  Are you guys working this week?  Today is my Friday so I am pretty excited about that!  We are heading back down to the Lake for the holiday to hang out with my in-laws and family friends!  

Let’s start this recap a little before the weekend, shall we?  Last week my husband was traveling for work (He was in Boston.. I was so jealous. That is one of my favorite cities especially in the summertime!) so I invited my momma over for a girls dinner.  She can’t handle when my husband’s button-down shirts are wrinkly so she irons his shirts often. 🙂 I hate ironing (so does my husband)… we have a stand up steamer we use for wrinkles.  We are literally so lucky to have my mom.  She gets the housewife of the year award.  Riley doesn’t ever go far when my mom is over because he knows she will give him treats. 🙂

Our aunt sent us 3 days worth of meals from Sun Basket right after I got out of the hospital and we had it delivered last week!  The meal that I made for my mom and I was these quinoa zucchini fritters with a nectarine salad.  I highly recommend trying this meal.  We both really loved it and agreed we would both make it again.  I am excited to whip up a batch of these fritters and freeze them individually to pull out when I am in a hurry or want some plant-based protein to top a salad!


On Thursday night we took the dogs on a walk at the park with my bestie, Rachael and her pup, Cooper.  We get in as many nightly walks as we can when the weather permits. 


Rachael’s fiance, Eric joined us back at our house for dinner!  Rachael made the sides – salad with sun dried tomatoes and goat cheese and mushroom grits! 


I made the main course which was salmon skewers with a almond mint pesto.  Yall, the pesto was to die for.  I will link the recipe in a post that is coming soon! The recipe actually called for swordfish skewers, but my grocery store was out of swordfish so I decided to just experiment with salmon and it turned out perfectly!


Riley always finds a spot at the table… 


Friday night I made another Sun Basket meal for Jon and I.  This time the meal was fish tacos with avocado, cabbage slaw and lime yogurt.  We both really LOVED this meal.  Can’t go wrong with tacos!


After dinner we grabbed a towel and the pups and headed over to a nearby park for some live music!


They do this every Friday night in the summer and it is always a good time!


If you have been reading the blog for a while now, you know that our sweet Callie girl is very timid and uncomfortable around strangers or when she is out of her comfort zone.  She is always excited when we put her leash on, but she is even more excited when we get back to our house from a car ride or a walk.  This girl is such a homebody.  She has come a LONG way since we adopted her 3 years ago.  She was a little shaky and nervous at the park, but did very good.  We think it is important to keep trying to get her more comfortable being out of in public and around new people.  

On Saturday morning we headed out for a long family walk to a neighborhood coffee shop.  It was 3 miles round trip (we took a long break at the cafe and the dogs had a ton of water), but since the temperatures started to climb, the dogs were getting tired… and so were we!  As we were almost back to our house, Jon called my name from behind and I turned to look and I see little Riley sprawled out under a shady tree.  He is a smart cookie because he got daddy to carry him the rest of the way home. 🙂 . That tongue.


Both dogs were so exhausted and spent the rest of the day sleeping. 🙂


My husband and I had plans for a sushi dinner date at a new-to-us restaurant in town, but unfortunately on the way there I started to feel icky.  Since being home I have had a few stomach aches here and there (nothing like before my surgery) and one popped up on Saturday night.  I was still hungry so we decided to head back home and order take out instead.  It did not disappoint! 


That is all I have for today!! I am going to finish up my weekend recap tomorrow so I will see you then!! I hope you all have a great Tuesday!!!  xoxo


  1. Highlight of your weekend? 
  2. What are your plans for the 4th of July?
  3. Are you working today?

10 Ways I’m Keeping Myself Healthy This Summer

Hey guys!!  Hope your week has been great!  I am sure thankful that it is Friday!  We don’t have much on the agenda for this weekend except a small house project (I’ll show you when it’s finished!) and some pool time at my mom’s with my mom and aunt who is in town then a dinner at our house on Sunday evening.  I’m hoping the weather is nice so I can get in a few long walks with the pups too!  It has been awhile since we have been home for a weekend with no plans and that I have been feeling good.  

Speaking of feeling good… I actually had a follow up with the surgeon earlier this week and it went well.  She does want me to get another CT scan with contrast soon because I have been having random nausea and stomach pain.  It is nowhere near what it was before the surgery and it only happens every once in a while, but we are just checking everything out to be safe.  Thankfully I haven’t lost any weight (I’ve been gaining pretty quickly actually… I started doing strength training again and can already see some muscles popping through!) and my appetite has been really good.  

While I am still recovering from my bowel resection surgery, I am taking extra precautions to making sure I get back to healthy very soon.  Most of these I did before my surgery, but now they are more important than ever.  So today I am sharing my top ten tips for living a healthy lifestyle this summer!

  1. Hydrate!  I go through phases where I am very good about hydrating and phases where I barely drink any water at all.  Lately I have been getting dull lingering headaches, which I figured out are from a lack of water intake.  During the week at work I have been tracking my water and trying to get around 100 ounces of water in during the day.  This is on top of any water I drink before, during, and after my workouts.  I notice that I am WAY less hungry and just feel so much better overall when I am well hydrated.  
  2. Walking.  While recovering from surgery, my walks have been precious to me.  For the first month after surgery, all I did was walk in the park with my dogs and walk on my treadmill at an incline.  I am still incorporating a lot of walking into my day-to-day life.  My pups LOVE walks and I like to catch up on my shows while I walk on the treadmill.  The time passes by so quickly and it makes me feel better that I didn’t just plop down on the couch after work for hours mindlessly watching tv (don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of days I still do that). 
  3. Meal prepping.  Taking the time to meal prep leaves me stress-free throughout the week.  I have my lunches and dinners ready to throw in the oven or assemble quickly so I don’t snack all day long on sugary treats.
  4. Healthy snacks.  I always have healthy snacks on me wherever I go to ensure I don’t get hangry.  I know my husband appreciates this one. 😉 . A few of my favorites are: raw almonds, grapes, protein bars (think thin, rx, quest, and one are my favorite brands right now), greek yogurt, apples, veggies and hummus, and watermelon.
  5. Greens powder.  While recovering from my surgery, I was told to eat a low-fiber diet.  If you know me, you know this was miserable for me. 🙂 . I LOVE all fruits and veggies.  I tried to keep my diet lower in fiber than normal and one way I was able to do that was by using greens powder instead of actual greens.  I just put it in my smoothie each morning and it hides the taste pretty well.  Greens powder is SO good for you as it is alkalizing, helps the digestive system and is high in antioxidants.  I use THIS kind. 
  6. Upping my protein intake.  You may know that I don’t eat meat (I haven’t since I was 14 years old), but I make sure to get a lot of protein from fish or plant-based sources like nuts, seeds, eggs, quinoa, beans, protein powder, etc.  I try to have protein with every meal and snack so that I stay full for a longer time.  I usually have 3 meals and 2-3 snacks per day.  I feel like I am always eating, which is good because then I am never starving and rarely get hangry.  
  7. Wearing sunscreen.  This one is hard for me.  I usually apply it once then forget to reapply throughout the day.  I am trying to be better about it and I know my skin will thank me later. 
  8. Taking a daily probiotic.  I know a lot of my tips have to do with digestion, but that is just because mine has been completely messed up after not eating for nearly 3 months and trying to get it back to normal.  I always feel better when I take a probiotic every day.  I also take B12, D3, vitamin C, iron, and a multivitamin.  
  9. Eating plenty of fruits and veggies.  This one is not hard for me, but there are definitely days when I eat less than I should.  I put greens in my smoothies in the morning, I usually have a salad for lunch, my snacks usually incorporate fresh fruit, and dinner always incorporates a couple types of veggies.  
  10. Keeping stress levels low.  This is really important to me.  After being in the hospital so long and having surgery, I now truly realize how precious life is and how important it is not to sweat the small stuff.  If the house isn’t perfectly cleaned, the bed isn’t made, I don’t have time to get in a workout or the day just didn’t go the way I had planned, that is OKAY.  I’m not saying I stay stress free all the time, but I have been working on letting things go and not getting caught up on things that really don’t matter in the long run.  A stress free mind is a beautiful mind. 🙂

That’s is all I’ve got for today!  I would love to hear all the ways you are staying healthy this summer in the comments!!! Have a great rest of your Friday and a wonderful weekend!!! xoxoxo

Weekend Recap 6.26.18 Family Reunion at Lake Burton

Hey friends!!!  I hope you all had a great weekend!! We had so much fun at the lake with family.  It was so relaxing and just what we needed.  Like always, it went by way too fast. 😦 

We left early Thursday morning and arrived in the afternoon.  For dinner on Thursday night, we went into town to our favorite restaurant, Fortify


I got the scallops and they were AMAZING!! 


My husband and my brother-in-law on a boat ride!


Sunsets at the lake are the best!


Callie loves them too. 🙂


Evening boat ride!


Friday was spent hanging out at the lake house after a long walk with the pups.  More family arrived Friday afternoon and some of the boys spent the morning playing golf while the girls lounged at the house.  

Saturday morning after a quick walk with the pups, we headed to the boat dock to hop onto a pontoon boat for the Lake Burton home tour!  We got to tour 4 amazing homes on the lake and it was so fun getting style inspiration.  They were fabulous!


Beautiful day!


The rest of Saturday was spent lounging…Callie’s tongue cracks me up. 


Playing ping pong and water pong in the boat house!  Riley found the perfect resting spot.


Callie did really well with the family this weekend.  She is always a little timid around strangers, but she warms up pretty quickly these days, which makes us just so happy.  


Riley getting some love. 


Riley got a few paddle board sessions in this weekend.


This dog just LOVES the water, unlike most small dogs I know.  We seriously have to drag him out of there or he would be in there all day long.


Lunch on Saturday was leftover grilled salmon, fresh berries and a costco quinoa salad! yum!


Saturday night we boated over to the marina for dinner with the family.  


I got the red snapper special and it was really yummy.  I cleaned my plate!


The family. 🙂


My sweet husband.


We spent Sunday morning packing up and saying goodbye to our family. We had to get a few more family photos before we left!

The whole crew!


The cousins.


Us with my in-laws.


We arrived home in the early afternoon and quickly unpacked, did some laundry, my husband went grocery shopping, and we meal prepped for the week.  Dinner was burgers, a new green bean recipe and a carrot salad recipe we love.  We spent the rest of the evening catching up on The Staircase on Netflix.  Have any of you seen it? 



  1. What was the highlight of your weekend?
  2. What is your go-to side dish?
  3. Tell me something you are looking forward to this summer!

Weekend Recap 6.20.18 … Lake Time, Lots of Doggie Pictures, Father’s Day, and a Date Night

Hey guys!!  How is your week going so far?  We will be on the way to Georgia when this posts (I write my posts a day in advance) for a long weekend with family, which we are really excited about.  I’m hoping for some nice long walks with the pups and some sunny weather!! I have never loved being outside more than these days.  I could stay outside all day even in the crazy hot temperatures if it means never having to see the inside of another hospital room again. 🙂 

Late last week I headed to my dad’s lake house for a couple days with my pups and my daddy!  His lake house is just over an hour away from Nashville so it is really easy to get to.  My husband was away in St. Louis for a bachelor party last weekend.  

After a quick dinner, we relaxed on the couch with the pups while watching some Jim Gaffigan.  He’s our favorite comedian and we are actually going to see him in Nashville later this year.  Have you guys seen one of his stand up routines?  Do yourself a favor and watch one (or all of them) on Netflix and you can thank me later.  He is HILARIOUS!



My dogs are both obsessed with my dad.  It is quite funny because he claims he is “not a dog person.”  Lies.


See… they are always next to him… he is way cooler than me so I get it.  


The most gorgeous view from the lake house.  Isn’t nature just beautiful?  


I started my mornings at the lake with a long walk with the pups to wear them out.  The lake house is out on a country road and the residents there let their dogs just wander around and one morning we picked up a friend.  He followed us for a few miles before finally heading back home. 🙂 


After our walk, I caught some rays while listening to a podcast while my dad finished up some work.  This view isn’t too shabby. 😉 


Later in the afternoon we headed to the lake for some boat time!  There is nothing like being on the water on a hot summer day. 



Saturday morning we headed to the boat before the temperatures got too hot.  We took the pups with us this time since we knew we would only be out there a short time.  Riley found the perfect spot to cool off. 😉


My sweet girl.  Her kisses are my favorite. 🙂 


Riley catching some rays. 🙂 


I have been easy back into being active these last few weeks.  My incision is almost all healed up and I was given the go ahead to walk and exercise (not lifting over 10 lbs.).  I have been doing some light weights (5 lb dumbbells) in the mornings and I always have some spectators.  Callie just watches while Riley wants to play fetch the whole time.  He’s so cute I don’t mind. 🙂 


Saturday night my dad had a birthday party to attend so I got to have some sibling time with my little brother.  We are 17 years apart, but it sure doesn’t feel like that.  He is such a kind kiddo and I just love being able to spend time with him.  My dogs are also obsessed with him too. 


I’m chopped liver when this kid is around. 😉


We opted to make dinner at home on Saturday night and watch a couple movies.  One of them was the emoji movie, which I hadn’t seen.  It was pretty cute!

Sunday morning we got up early to make breakfast before my dad came over.  Jacob went all out with decorations and chocolates at each seat.  The cutest! 


Breakfast was followed by our very own stand-up routine by my brother.  He is super into comedy this days and loves combining different comedian’s routines to make his own.  He is getting really good at it!  He did a comedy routine for me while I was in the hospital, which made me laugh a lot.  I needed it!


A little while later we go ready to head to the movies to see Incredibles 2!  It was really good!!  After I said goodbye to my dad and brother, I still had time to meet my momma to get our nails done.  I have never been one to keep my nails up… just getting them done for special occasions, but since living near my mom, I have been a little spoiled.  We have a lot of fun chatting while getting pampered.  🙂



Earlier this week my husband took me on our first date night since before I was in the hospital! It was much needed! We took out the convertible since it was a nice evening.  


We had a gift card to The Southern to use so that’s where we decided to grab dinner.  We both opted for fish entrees, which ended up being very good decisions.  I got the salmon special and my husband got the halibut.  So delicious. 

I hope you all have a great rest of your week and an amazing weekend!!!! 


  1. Any fun plans for the weekend ahead?
  2. How often do you go out to dinner or order in?
  3. What is your favorite type of cuisine?