A Much Needed Health Update and Sometimes Even Adults Need Their Momma

Hey Friends!! I hope your week is going better than mine.  In the field I work in in healthcare, the fall is our busy season.  When I say busy I mean BUSY.  Can’t.Keep.My.Eyes.Open.Busy.  I have been working a lot, but I am lucky to work from home so I will survive.  

The last few months have been hard… to say the least.  Ever since February, I have been having nausea and pain in my stomach about every 3-6 weeks.  I have seen a couple new doctors down here in San Antonio and finally found one (thanks to my husband) that I feel like really gets my situation and understands I can live this way.  Each month I get sick, it lasts about 5-10 days.  5-10 days of no eating, minimal Popsicles and sips of water. It is awful.  After a day or 2 I get used to it, and my stomach doesn’t hurt as badly, but the bigger issue is what a week or two of not eating/hydrating enough does to my body.  I am mentally, physically, and emotionally exhausted all of the time.  This was definitely a huge stressor in my last office job as it was hard to even get into the office when I had these flare ups.  I am fortunate enough to work from home now, but work has not slowed done or become easier.  And typically, this is how I like my work life to be.  I like to be busy and productive every single day.  Which is hard when I just feel like crap all the time.  Thankfully on these really bad days, Jon will set up an office in my bed for me with multiple computer screens (how do people work with just one??).  

I also spend a lot of time (and money) at hydration spas getting pumped full of saline and vitamins.  These seem to help on the days I really can’t eat or drink anything without feeling horrible.  


But I usually spend at least $150 per treatment… out of pocket.  Eek!  My new doctor hooked me up with an at-home health program and they will come to me during my next issue with my stomach and come every day I request to give me some hydration, which is really really nice.  (Haven’t used it yet since my stomach has been ok since I got connected with this company.  But the way this week is going, I might be getting one tomorrow.   

I don’t know if I have shared this with you all or not, but one of the medications I take for my back makes me have night sweats like crazy.  I will wake up 3 to 4 times a night drenched.  I told my husband I want to wean off this medicine, but until then I told my husband we had to find a solution because it is gross and highly affects my sleep.  So a couple weeks ago I came home to find this on my side of the bed.  It is a mat that goes under the sheet that is hooked up to a water system tank that pumps cold water in throughout the night.  It is amazing… well it was until it got a leak.  But my husband said he is going to return it and get me a new one. Yay!!


After the last time I was super sick, my husband had to leave on a business trip so my momma booked a flight that day and came to take care of me for the week.  I literally am the luckiest.


Finally started to feel a little better so we got to have dinner and lunch at two of my favorite spots (Bird Bakery and Down on Grayson).


I haven’t been able to exercise much with all my stomach stuff so i have been taking plenty of walks with the pups (no, Jon did not let me get a third yet.. we were just watching our friends’ pup).


So my new surgeon had me to an MRI Enterography (had to drink 3 bottles of contrast and get an IV contrast) to see if she could tell if it was the old surgery spot that was causing the issue.  And ofcourse, she said they still couldn’t really tell…. and yall I almost projectile vomited the contrast in the MRI machine… it was bad. 

But anyway, we met with her to discuss our options and she didn’t think any more testing was necessary (thank the lord because my doctors from last year wanted to do 500 of every test available… and they all showed nothing) because there just isn’t a test that can accurately see where they need to.

All of this said, my doctor thinks an exploratory laparoscopy is the best course of action (basically what they finally ended up doing to me for my last surgery). It is scheduled in early October.  But if I am having pain before then, the doctor said she could try to move me up.  Best case scenario is that the issue is scar tissue and she will be able to remove it without an incision.  More than likely the last surgery where they sewed up my intestines did not heal properly and she will have to redo it (cut me open, cut out more intestine, and sew me back up again.  The worst case scenario is that there is a new stricture or blockage that will have to be removed.  It would be removed the same way as the 2nd option, but the issue here is that they still would not have answers to why strictures are forming.  My last surgeon did take a biopsy to be tested, but they basically said it was genetics and just got worse over time, which my new doctor 100% fully does not believe this is the case.  She said if I were born with a stricture I would have noticed by age 5 so to be almost 30 and this just happened last year, there usually is some medical cause.  They will biopsy again in October procedure.  

So for now, I am hanging in there. 🙂  It has been hard and I am tired.  My family and my dogs and my husband are tired.  Tired of hearing about it, tired of not getting the full me, tired of seeing my suffer.  

In most things in life, I am a glass half full kind of girl so I am just moving along with my daily life as best as I can.  We have done a lot of fun things lately and I want to keep living that way.  

I promise to update you all more soon.  Thanks for sticking by me during this difficult time.  Your support, messages, thoughts, and love do not go unnoticed. 

Have a very wonderful Wednesday, friends!!!


Labor Day Weekend at Lake Burton

Hey friends!! Long time no talk.  It has been busy busy busy around here.  I can’t believe it is already September.  This summer just flew by.  

I hope you all had a nice relaxing weekend.  We sure did.  Lots to update yall on soon so hoping I can get another post in this week, so fingers crossed.  

Backing up a bit, we had a wonderful long weekend at the lake with some friends and family.  Jon and I were able to stay for 6 days, which was very much needed.  

We had beautiful weather the entire time so we got really lucky.  

Me and my sweet siblings and Riley boy. 


The boys hanging. 🙂


Cooper was just a little tired after lots of activities at the lake. 😉


My peeps. 


Lots of pingpong tournaments happened… as you can guess, I didn’t make it very far. 🙂



I found Riley like this almost every night we were at the lake.  This doggie just goes and goes and goes at the lake then inevitably, he ends up putting himself to bed before everyone at the end of the night. 


I don’t know why he kept laying in my suitcase but it was the cutest thing ever.  He usually just jumps up in our bed (oh yes, our pups sleep with us…my husband kicks them out of the bed every night and they just come right back up), but at the lake he is a little ore cautious. 


Hey mom. 


Just lounging around.


Jacob and sweet Riley. 


My two favorite boys just having a chat.


Riley played fetch forever at this little island.  He loves the water, but likes to be able to walk in and out… he won’t just jump off the boat. 


Beautiful sunsets. 


My sweet little bro. 


Little cooper getting some sweet snuggles from Max.


Always good time at the lake.  Can’t believe summer is already over.  There is no sign of fall over here in San Antonio… it is still in the 90s every day.  I’m hoping by next month it warms up a bit!! 


Tell me what is new with you!!!  


Wedding in Virginia!

Hey friends!! I hope you are having a great week so far!  My Monday was pretty good!  I like Mondays.. a new chance to start a new week on the right foot and I always like getting back into my routine.  I spend the first part of my Monday morning planning and organizing my calendar for the week.  I plan out my workouts, my walks with my pups, anything outside of work like a date night or a girls bachelor watching night, and make a to-do list with all the extras I hope to accomplish this week!  It always makes me happy having everything written down and knowing that I am prioritizing the things I write in my planner so I make sure they happen.  

After my week of training for my new jo in DC a couple weeks ago, I rented a car and drove to Virginia to meet up with my husband for his cousin’s wedding!!  We checked into our AirBnB on Friday afternoon and got ready for the rehearsal dinner.  

My husband, me, and my two brother in laws at the rehearsal dinner.


The rehearsal dinner was amazing.  It was hosted at a beautiful country club and we had drinks outside prior to dinner!

The whole fam!


Saturday morning the boys went to play golf.  I took advantage of the extra sleep time (!!!) and then went for a long walk at a park I found in town. 

Later that afternoon we got ready for the wedding!

Me and my sweet man.


Us with our favorite cousin. 😉

Me and the boys.  🙂


The whole fam again!! 


He lovesssss wearing tuxedos! 🙂


The bride and groom and the cousins!!


The wedding was spectacular.  It was at this beautiful winery with the most amazing scenery.  The food was amazing, the drinks were incredible and the band was the best!!!  We had a live band at our wedding and I always look forward to weddings that have a band.  It is just SOOO much fun!!!

We headed out early Sunday morning to get back to San Antonio, but had the absolute best weekend catching up with our family and celebrating an amazing occasion!!!


  1. Highlight of your weekend? 
  2. Are the kiddos in your city back to school yet?
  3. Any last minute summer trips coming up for you?

More Fun this Summer.. Concert and New Restaurant!

Hey friends!! As I am getting all my blogging posts organized this week, I totally forgot about one of the greatest weekends we had with our friends! We had tickets to see Josh Abbott Band out in New Braunfels (just outside of San Antonio).  

We decided to leave early so we could get dinner before at Muck & Fuss.  If fried green tomatoes are on the menu, my husband is getting them. 🙂  He said these were some of the best he’s ever had!


I got a huge salad with shrimp and Jonny got a burger!


The concert was at an outdoor amphitheater, which is our fav.


Double date night with our besties!


Came home to a cute little care package from my momma!  It’s the little things!

It has been so hot here in San Antonio so I have been testing out some frozen cocktails for fun.  This one had frozen mango, champagne and sweet vermouth.  It was tasty and super refreshing!!  

I’ll talk to you all soon! Have a great day!!


  1. Favorite summer cocktail?
  2. Been to any concerts this summer?
  3. Do you like fried green tomatoes?

Life Lately!! Big Changes Around Here, Date Night, Sweetest Boy and More

Hi friends!! Happy Monday! Another week is here already.  Does anyone else feel like this year is just flying by?  I can’t believe it is already August!  I have written this post about 5 times, but keep having to update it because I haven’t gotten around to posting! So today is the day!

You may have noticed my lack of posting this past month.. not to say I am on regular blogging schedule these days, but my posts have definitely been more sporadic lately.  I’ve shared with some of you that I have been feeling extremely stressed with my job and that I felt a big lack of a work-life balance, which is really important to me.  My job was starting to affect my relationships with my friends and family, and my husband, and I was overall was not happy in my job anymore.  I am a firm believer in standing up for yourself and making a change when something isn’t right or doesn’t make you happy anymore.  I told my husband I needed a change, I put myself out there and put in my two weeks with my job.  I had a really great opportunity pop up with a new company and I said “this is It! I am done!”  Sometimes when you know, you know.  I just knew in my heart it was time for me to move on from this job as I knew nothing would change unless I took action to make a change.

So anyway, here we are.  I started my new job 2 weeks ago (it is in the same health field I was previously in, just with a new company) and traveled to DC for training the first week.  I am so excited for this opportunity.  I instantly connected with a few people at my new company and just knew it was the right choice.  I won’t have to travel much for my new job, just once in a while, but the best thing about my new job is that it is remote so I will be working from home.  This is a much better fit for my family as you all know we tend to move around a lot.  For now, we are staying put in San Antonio, but with my new flexibility, who knows how long we will be here. 🙂


Last weekend Jon and I tried out a new-to-us restaurant in San Antonio.  We had reservations at Bliss.


We were celebrating my new opportunity!  This is a really fun place for a date night.

We split the mussels for an appetizers and my husband got some fish dish.

I got a really yummy veggie dish that I forgot to document, but it was delicious!


We grabbed a quick drink at a nearby outside bar then met up with my brother in law for some pool. 



Love this guy!


These two are doing just fine. 🙂

We got to watch my girlfriend’s little boy for the day a couple weeks ago and ohmygosh.  He is the cutest kid.  We took him swimming and out to eat and he spent the night with us.  After about an hour with him, Jon was like, “I am SO exhausted!” LOL.  He was nonstop.  He ran into our closet and put on Jon’s boots and goes, “I want to be Jon!”


We took the pups on a walk in the morning and he really loved Riley.  He said, “Taylor, it is important to share and you have two doggies and I don’t have any so I think you should give me one….just one.  I’ll take Riley and you can keep the big one (Callie).”  LOL I could not stop laughing.  


So much more to share with you guys this week!! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and a great week ahead!!!


  1. What is new in your world?
  2. Highlight of your weekend?
  3. Tried any new good restaurants lately?  

Life Lately 7.15.19 Sushi, Floating, and Chocolate Pie

Happy Monday friends!!! I hope you all had a great weekend.  Ours was so relaxing with no real plans on the books, which was so nice.  Work has been absolutely crazy busy lately so I have been living for the weekends.  By Friday night, I was ready to collapse.  🙂  Jon and I had plans for a sushi date on Friday night, but thankfully he agreed with me that we should just order in and eat on the couch while watching a movie.  I think I was in my PJs by 6pm.  It was heavenly.  

I’ve been loving cucumber wrapped rolls lately.  It’s just a nice switch from rice… and this one was really delicious.  I think it was avocado, tuna, and some kind of white fish in the middle. 


I can’t get over Callie in these pictures.  She is always near the food.  This roll was a spicy salmon roll and it was really good as well.  

Jon and I have been watching Queen of the South on Netflix.  Have any of yall seen it?  It is pretty good so far!  I am always watching another series on the side myself and right now I am watching Grey’s Anatomy… from the beginning.  I never hopped on the band wagon when it first started, but my girlfriends convinced me to watch it and I am glad they did.  I am on season 8 of 15… there are like 20ish episodes in a season, which is crazy!! It’s a great show to watch while I’m prepping food, exercising, or getting ready in the mornings.  

Jonny and I have been trying to get in at least one date night out per week and we have been doing pretty well! 

Another sushi date in the books!! We have found a few good sushi spots in San Antonio recently so we have been taking advantage of that!  We like a lot of the same rolls so we usually just get a bunch and both try them all. Yes, we finished every single bite of this.  🙂


A couple weekends ago Jon and I made the trip to San Marcos (right outside of Austin about an hour from us in San Antonio) to float the river on a beautiful Saturday.  Tubing is a big thing down here because it is about the only thing you can do outside here in the summer with the extreme heat.  We rented some tubes and a tube for our cooler and floated down the river for about 2 hours.  It was a really nice and relaxing day. We left our phones in the car because we know it would have been bad news to take them with us.  We saw a guy diving to try to find his phone about 2 minutes into the floating experience. 😉


One night recently Jon asked me to make a homemade chocolate pie for him.  Any excuse to use my kitchen aid mixer, I’ll take it!  I made Hersheys chocolate pie. 


I actually used half regular chocolate chips and half espresso chips to give it a little more flavor.  Jon loved it!  Forgot to take a final picture.  All I got was one when it was setting up in the fridge. 🙂

I think the real winner was the homemade whipped cream.  It is soo much better than store bought.  Just combine heavy cream, powdered (or granulated) sugar, and a little vanilla extract in the mixer and that’s it!  Super easy and so yummy!


Little Riley is at least 11 years old (we got him back when we first moved to Salt Lake City in 2010) and he is still a spry little thing.  He wants to play constantly and it is just so cute.  His favorite thing is taking all the toys out of his box to find just the right one he wants to play fetch with.  It’s the cutest.  

Saturday night we hosted a poker night with a handful of our friends at our house.  You know how last time we had a poker night I told yall I hadn’t lost a game since I learned how to play?  Well, that is still the case!! Jon and I were the last two standing so we took home the pot.  I just learned to play in December and I am thinking my luck has to run out sometime… I just hope it’s not soon. 😉 

Yesterday I went to my first Orange Theory class with my friends here and it was such a great workout.  I’m having a little trouble walking today.  Have any of yall tried Orange Theory?  It’s a lot like a few of the classes I’ve tried with my sister.  There is a rowing machine station, treadmill station and a weights/strength training station.  It was high intensity and definitely kept your muscles guessing as the transitions were super fast.  They give you heart rate monitors to track your progress on the big screen in the room throughout the class, which is pretty cool.  I really love group fitness classes and I definitely push myself harder than I do on my own at home (I print out workouts and rotate throughout the week), but I will say, I love being able to workout on my own schedule (as opposed to a class schedule) and not having to commute to the gym.  🙂

The rest of Sunday consisted of yardwork (okay… Jon did this), meal prepping, chopping a HUGE watermelon (watermelons seriously last about 2-3 days in our household.. if we are lucky).  We are obsessed and gobble them up so quickly.  We took the pups on a quick walk yesterday afternoon then plopped on the couch for a lazy Sunday afternoon, which was just what we needed.  

I’ll be back soon to share some more fun activities!!! Hope yall all have a wonderful week ahead!!!!! 


  1. What was the highlight of your weekend? 
  2. What’s your favorite homemade dessert? 
  3. What is your favorite summer outside activity? 

Wine Country and Fredericksburg Day Trip from San Antonio

Happy Friday!!!! I hope you all had a wonderful and relaxing 4th of July!! A special Happy Birthday to my momma (birthday on the 4th) and my mother-in-law (birthday on the 1st)!!! 

Last Saturday we decided to take a day trip to Fredericksburg with our good friends!  It is a little over an hour drive from San Antonio and we have been wanting to go for a while!  Despite the extreme heat, we had the best day in wine country! 

Our first stop was at Pedernales Cellars.  We started off with a tasting before enjoying a glass of wine on their porch outside.  


The best part about this day was that we were able to take the pups along for the ride.  They even let us bring the pups inside while we did our tasting! How nice is that!


I told the pups they needed to smile for the camera… Callie obliged. 😉


Our next stop was at Becker Vineyards.   


Riley was very eager to check it out. 🙂



This winery was really neat! It would be such a great place to have a wedding.  


The dogs were not in the mood for pictures so they all just turned around and refused to look at the camera. 😉


We did another tasting and hung outside for a bit while we listened to the live music.  


The dogs loved the shade. 🙂  They were all so hyper on the car ride up and all passed out hard on the car ride home.  They were exhausted. 🙂

Enjoying a beautiful Saturday!


With our besties! 🙂


After the two wineries, we headed into the town of Fredricksburg for lunch.  We had lunch at a cute little spot called The Auslander.  We split a frozen bellini, which was heavenly with the HOT weather.  


After lunch we met up with my good girlfriend from work and her husband and kiddo to say hi for a bit.  Then we headed to Altstad Brewery for the boys to taste some beer before heading back to San Antonio.  It was a long, but really fun day!! I highly recommend making the trip up to Wine Country and the cute little town of Fredericksburg if you ever get the chance!!


  1. Do you like wine or beer better?
  2. Red or white wine?
  3. Have you ever been to Wine Country in Texas?