Francy is 7 months old!

Hi friends!! I have a 7 month old… how is that possible? I swear I look at my calendar and a month just passes by so quickly. But each day truly gets better and better with our girlie. She is getting so interactive and her personality is really starting to come out which has been so much fun.

Francy’s current favorites: the DOGS (as always).. she stares at them and has started petting them.. it is really cute. She really loves sticking her tongue out, eating (she has tried over 20 foods now!), being outside, bathtime, and she has recently really started to love books. She loves to turn the pages and will sit still for quite awhile while you read to her. She also is still obsessed with her jolly jumper and loves to jump jump jump while listening to music (loud!).

So obsessed with this little nugget.

Post bath smiles 🙂

She loves Riley… he is pretty blind (completely in one eye and half in the other) so he runs into her constantly… thankfully she is unphased by it).

Cheese sticks… yum! We are loosely following the baby led weaning approach with incorporating some purees and some more solid foods and allowing Francy to feed herself.. although both of my parents do NOT like to give Francy the spoon… it is messy, but it is good for her.

Mimi teaching Francy to love books at a young age. 😉

And like most kiddos, she is mesmerized by our phones. 🙂

We had our first big snowstorm in Nashville last week and I took Francy on a short little walk with the pups and she loved it.

That face!!!!

Still using baby socks for mittens. :). LOL

Francy also took a liking to daddy’s credit card. 😉

There is nothing better than seeing your besties love on your baby. It is seriously the best feeling ever. Francy loves my besties Lissa and Rachael too. She loves girls nights. 🙂

Since we moved back to Nashville my parents have each been watching Francy one day a week (forever grateful for the help!) and we hired a nanny to help us the other 3 days a week and it has been going great so far. We have really been working to get Francy on a good nap/sleep schedule. She is taking 2 naps in her crib each day (we made the transition to the crib about a month ago and it is going well!) and sleeping from about 8ish to around 9am each day. She still gets up to nurse about 2 times each night. I am working to decrease the night feedings, but I will say, I like the extra snuggle time with my girl. I am still breastfeeding her at night and pumping around every 3-4 hours throughout the day. I thought we were slowly getting to a point of decreasing breastmilk, but Francy still loves it and my supply is still good so we will go as long as we can. I’m not putting any pressure on myself to make it a certain amount of time, but so far as of now, it is still going well for us. I’m extremely grateful for that… although I will not miss having to pump when the time comes. 🙂

Francy’s doctor in San Antonio gave me some great advice that I really appreciated. He said “You are inviting Francy into your life and family so include her, but don’t make everything all about her. You should include her in conversations, but they should not all revolve around her.” So that is what I am trying to do. Ofcourse she is our main focus, but we also have lives and other priorities too so my husband and I are trying to really do more things together and make sure we each have our own time too. That also means taking the baby couch shopping and not being so strict with her schedule that we can only leave the house at certain times… so sometimes she naps on the go. :). This works well for us at the moment and I hope we are creating a flexible/go with the flow child. We shall see!! 🙂

It has been a great last month with our sweet girl in Nashville! We have loved being back close to family and friends… now if we could just get some of that Texas weather up to Tennessee… we would be set!

Better Late Than Never… Francy Girl is 6 Months old!!

Hi friends!! I hope you all are doing well and enjoying the holidays with your loved ones. We are finally settled in Nashville and unpacked and just trying to find some sense of normalcy. :). We have been busy busy busy and are looking forward to slowing down a bit.

In the meantime we have a 6 month old on our hands!!! I do not know how it has possibly been 6 months but here we are. The fastest 6 months of my life. and the most special and most exhausting too. 😉

This little girlie is quite ball of energy these days and keeps us on our toes! She loves: bathtime, being outside, trying all the new foods (I think we are up to 15ish), and ofcourse, her doggies!! They are still her absolute favorite.

Another big thing that happened this last month is that Francy has transitioned from her bassinet to her big girl crib in her own room. But don’t worry, she is still waking momma up in the middle of the night to nurse. 🙂

She is just over 17 pounds now!!! This girl is growing way too fast!

Francy dislikes being tired, bedtime, and sitting still for too long. She really is a very happy baby but she likes to be entertained. 🙂

The giftwrapping was the highlight of Francy’s Christmas. 🙂 She loved the crinkly paper and the bows.

And the dogs…..
Francy got quite the assortment of Christmas outfits that she has been showing off.

We are celebrating Christmas a little late this year with my family, but can’t wait!

Francy enjoyed sitting in the box while we opened gifts. LOL.

Will be back soon to share more!! I hope you all enjoy the rest of the holidays!!! XOXOXO

Exciting News to Share!!! We Are Moving… to Nashville!!!!

Well friends, the secret is out!!! We are moving to Nashville!!!

We have had quite the exciting last few months over here… from having a baby, to traveling for my sister’s bachelorette party and visiting family for a month, to my sister’s wedding in Cabo, to a new job opportunity for Jon (that is taking us to Nashville), a new position at my company for me, to selling our house in San Antonio and buying a new one in Nashville. Yall, it has been a WILD ride, but it is almost over and we get to relax!!

We have been doing a LOT of this for house showings. 🙂

We actually put an offer on a house in Nashville site unseen.. eek. We had our realtor and my mom go look at it and with house crazy the market is right now, we knew we couldn’t wait or we would be living with my parents for a longgg time. LOL. So Francy and I headed to Nashville a few weeks ago to see the house!!

Francy and Grandpa!

Jon’s momma was able to meet us in Nashville to get some Francy snuggles and see the new house too!

My dad, Francy, and I went to my little brother’s hockey game! Francy was soo entertained and interested. So cute.

Francy napping on Mimi on the porch while I got some work done. 🙂 Seeing my parents and Jon’s parents become grandparents is seriously one of the best feelings in the world. It is just so special to have people love our baby girl so much.

If we do not brush Francy’s hair right away after a bath, it looks like this. 🙂 🙂 So funny.

Mimi bought Francy a new little seat for her house and she loved it. Such a big girlie!

Tito is over the chaos!!! Me too, Tito, me too.

We are officially under contract on our house in Nashville and our house in San Antonio and plan to move within the next month. We are really gonna miss San Antonio – our friends and the weather. But this has been our plan for a long time and once we had Francy we just knew it was the right move. We want her grandparents to be a big part of her life and let’s be honest, we could use the help. Raising a child takes a village and we are soo excited to be near our people!! We will be living close to both of my parents and are excited to be just 5 hour drive to Jon’s parents too. Life is so good and we sure are ready for this next phase!!


Francy is 5 Months!!

Hey friends!! How are you? Time is just flying by these days and I cannot believe Francy is already 5 months old. I just want to pause time right now. She is just so much fun right now.

We had a bit of a sleep regression this last month, but thankfully this past week has been great. She still gets up to nurse about once or twice a night, but I am not quite ready to cut those feedings because I really love our time together. 🙂 Now ask me that in another month and I may be over the middle of the night nursing sessions. 🙂

Francy as a pineapple for Halloween 🙂

Francy’s current favorites: riding in the car, taking walks in the carrier, being outside, momma singing to her, bathtime, sitting in the high chair like a big girl, music, and ofcourse, the DOGS! She is literally obsessed with them and stares at them whenever they are near. She won’t respond to me or Jon if the dogs are in the room…she just loves them. They like her too, but I don’t think the feeling is quite as mutual. 😉

A big first this month was trying food!! We have been giving Francy bites of purees and she loves it. I started with veggies and have let her have some fruits too. She is unsure about green beans, but will eat them. Her favorite right now is bananas. Yum!! I talked to her doctor about incorporating food and he was all for it so she has been getting a little bit each day. This has also helped because she isn’t chugging down bottles and I am mostly able to keep up with her demands of milk, with maybe a bottle of formula thrown in every other day.

I don’t have a specific time I will stop breastfeeding, but it is currently still going well for us. If we make it to 6 months, I will be happy, if we make it to a year, I think I deserve a nice reward from my husband. LOL. ;). It is hard work and pumping all day in between meetings is quite the accomplishment, but I know it is worth it.

Francy had a check up last week at the doctor and she is over 15lbs now (in the 65% for weight). She is growing like a weed. She has come a long way from being in the 10th percentile for weight when she was born.

She has started smiling and giggling a LOT. She is still a very happy baby. My favorite time of day is when I go to get her up in the morning and she is just smiling and as happy as can be. It starts my day off in the best way.

Francy dislikes: being put down, when the bottle is finished, and car rides when we are stopped at a red light.

My husband is the king of nicknames.. don’t ask how many we have for each of our dogs, but I thought I would share the continually growing list we have for Francy at the moment.

Francy pants, Franny, Fran, Franny girl, Angel, Angel baby, Angel face, Missy, missy girl, baby doll… there are more but I will stop. 🙂

Just enjoying every moment with our sweet girl and can’t wait to see what this month brings!!! XOXOXO

Fall in San Antonio TX

Hi Friends! I hope you are all doing well and enjoying some cooler fall temperatures. We sure are down here in Texas. Fall is the absolute best season here with temps in the 70s and low 80s .. it is just so nice. We have been having a lot of fun lately.

A couple weekends ago we took a little trip to the botanical gardens for a pumpkin fest! Francy was dressed for the occasion. 🙂

My sweet baby doll.

Francy had to take her two pumpkin outfits. Jon about died when I said we had to do an outfit change that was not prompted by a diaper blowout. LOL.

Hey, she can only wear these cute outfits for a limited amount of time so we are getting the most out of them! 🙂 I love that she now has enough hair to add cute little bows. Baby girls are so fun!!

I think you all deserve to see the angry pumpkin. LOL. She was not having it!

We have been out on quite a few date nights this month, which has been so fun.
Francy loves to be out and about and people watch. 🙂
We have been getting in LOTs of walks with the pups and baby doll. This picture cracks me up. Her crazy hair and that tongue. LOL

We are looking forward to Francy’s first Halloween next week!! Are you dressing up? Have you done any festive fall activities this year yet? Tell me what’s new with you guys!!

Talk soon!!


Francy is 4 Months!!

Hi friends! I am late to the game yet again, but I have good excuses this time. 😉 We have been soo busy with some job changes, my sister’s wedding in Mexico, and another fun thing I will tell you about very soon…it just needs it’s own post. 🙂

The last month with our sweet girl has just been so much fun. I know every parent says that, but now I get it. She is starting to interact with us more and is just so aware of her surroundings. She is literally the happiest baby – the two nannies that watch her told me this too, so I am not too bias. 😉

She has become quite the little chunky monkey and I could just eat her up!!

She has wild and crazy hair that cracks us up each day. What will it look like tomorrow? LOL

She loves: her snoo bassinet (I dread the day she is too big for it), taking walks outside, bathtime, mommy and daddy (but she will literally go to anyone), and the DOGGIES are still her absolute favorite. She loves watching them play all day.

We just turned her to face outward in her carrier and she LOVES it.

She does not like: tummy time, being put down (she’s a little spoiled, but I heard you can’t spoil a baby??), when mommy stops singing (I am sure that will change soon), and when the car is stopped.

We are just so blessed. Francy is the sweetest baby and just giggles and smiles all day long. She only cries when she is hungry or tired. She has started “talking” a lot this month and she loves to watch the videos I take of her talking and she starts talking back to herself in the videos. I will have to get a video out that! It is so darn cute.
We love our little angel so much and are just soaking up every moment with her. Time is just flying by.

I’ll be back soon I promise, but for now I have to go smooch my baby doll. 🙂


Francy is 3 months!

Hey friends!! How are you? It has been kind of crazy around here lately. Our little girlie turned 3 months on Sunday, which just happened to be our 6th wedding anniversary too! Jonny and I have been together 12 and a half years and I can’t believe we have already been married for 6 years.. time is just flying by. And now my little baby is already 3 months… does that mean I don’t have a newborn anymore? Yall, my heart cannot handle it. I need her to stop growing right now. But, I will say, each day gets more fun with her and she has really become so much more aware this last month, which has been really cute. She has started really noticing and following the doggies which is too sweet.

This dress was my sister’s dress when she was a little girl.

We took her for a check up last week and she was almost 13 lbs and in the 76 percentile for weight… LOL… let’s just say this girlie has come a long way from the 10th percentile when she was born… she likes to eat!! Her little chunky arms and legs just kill me. 🙂

My mom has been in town the last week and yall, it has been so wonderful. We are sending Mimi a formal invitation to move in with us. LOL. She just loves little Francy and is the biggest help with her. We are so so lucky.

I officially went back to work last week, which is so bittersweet. I can’t believe my maternity leave has come to an end, but I am excited to be back in a routine and on a schedule. My mom has been here helping us with the transition. I work from home (prior to covid) and my husband is working from home (due to covid) so it hasn’t been too big of an adjustment. Next week we have a nanny starting to watch Francy each day while we work so it will be really nice to have her with us all day so I can sneak some kisses. I don’t think I would be able to go into an office every and leave her… I know that is just so so hard on new mommas. I am very fortunate for our situation right now.

I am still breastfeeding (and pumping so others can give her bottles) and she loves it. She likes the breast, but is fine with a bottle too. I feel really fortunate that breastfeeding has been going well for us. It is quite exhausting, but I know it doesn’t last forever so I am counting my blessings for now. I think I may write a whole post on this because it is quite the hot topic these days so let me know if you have any breastfeeding specific questions… I am far from an expert, but happy to share my experience.
Francy’s personality is really starting to shine! She still loves her snoo bassinet, the doggies, the boob, eating, bathtime, walks, car rides (only if we are constantly moving), momma’s voice, the tv (don’t judge me :)), and fans are still a huge hit.

She will just lay on her little play mat and stare at the fan while I workout.. it is wonderful. 🙂 Doggies always nearby… ha!

She loves to snuggle us in our bed before it is time to go night night. It is the sweetest time of the day. The biggest change this month was her sleeping!!! She has been officially sleping through the night the last 2 or 3 weeks… I can’t remember, I am still trying to catch up on my sleep. 😉 She typically goes to bed around 9 (give or take an hour) and sleeps until around 6 (give or take an hour) so usually about 8 to 9 hours straight and wakes up to eat (I breastfeed her at this feeding) then goes back to bed until 8:30 or 9am. She just dropped her midnight and 3am feeding all in the same week and we are all loving it. 😉 I have no tips or tricks… we just follow her schedule for now and that has been working great. I was wondering how I was going to survive another night of not sleeping and then all of a sudden she just slept through the night.

Francy loves her Mimi!!

Jon planned a date night for us last week and had our friends babysit and we went to a nice dinner on the riverwalk. It was so nice to have a night to ourselves.

My mom dresses Francy up everyday. She finally has enough hair for a bow. My real life baby doll I always dreamed of. 🙂

Francy got to go to her first high school football game and you guys, she loved it so much. She just watched the cheerleaders and loved looking around the entire time. She was so happy. She is now able to just sit in our laps and hold her head up by herself.

My mom had never been to Austin so last Saturday we took a day trip down there and got a nice lunch and then went on a little boat cruise. It was a nice little getaway.

Francy enjoyed the cruise too! 😉

Then we came home and were all exhausted. Ha! I told you she loves our bed. 🙂

Francy doesn’t dislike much (she is a very easy baby, thank you Lord!!!) and actually enjoys tummy time most of the time. She dislikes sitting still, waiting for a bottle, or being cold after the bath – hey, I do too. 😉

That is all for now! I will leave you with this funny picture of Francy in this outfit my sister wore as a baby. As you can tell, we are all about the throw back outfits!! Too much fun!!

Another wonderful month with our girl and we just love every moment with her. She is just the sweetest thing and I can’t wait to see the fun changes this next month will bring!

We are home!!

Good morning!! I hope you are all doing well! We finally made it home from our almost month long tour from Texas to Florida to Georgia to Tennessee and finally back to Texas. We had a blast, but there is just nothing like coming home and getting in your own bed. Ahhh!

I wanted to share a few more pictures from the rest of our trip to visit family!

My mother-in-law got Francy her first (of many) tutus! We had the best time dressing her up… little girls are so much fun! I think she liked it! 😉

I bought this little floaty ring for Francy and yall, she is obsessed. She is our little fishy and loves bath time now. It’s soo cute. She just spins around and kicks off the edge of the tub.

This is motherhood summed up perfectly. Loving life and exhausted… and a baby attached to me 24/7. Wouldn’t have it any other way. Francy is slowly but surely becoming a lake baby. We gotta start her young. 😉

If you follow me on instagram you probably already saw this, but my mom and I took the dogs and baby doll on a walk. Well… someone (me) forgot to charge the baby’s stroller fan and she was getting too hot in the stroller so I had to carry her home (nursing her the whole way) and Tito was too tired so my mom put him in the stroller. We are a literal circus over here. 🙂

Somebody had a little (BIG) accident and had to get a sink bath by Mimi one morning. LOL.

My little doll baby.

My girlie got to meet our very good family friend, Jeanne and it was so so special. They are 95 years apart!! Such a great day.

Francy got to meet my two besties too! Nothing sweeter than seeing your friends with your baby. It really is the best. Francy has become more and more interested in the dogs. The other day she just watched them play fetch and it is so fun to see her become more aware of them.

The doggies have started to like her too… I think. 😉

This picture cracks me up… they are both like… REALLY MOM?!?!

Everyone has asked me how Francy did on all the long car rides (the longest was our trip back from Nashville to San Antonio (14 hours) and I am not sure if we are just lucky but she absolutely loves the car and is an angel on car rides. She just fussed every few hours when she got hungry, but that was it! I pumped along the way so I could just give her bottles so we didn’t have to stop more for nursing and this worked really well for us. Each time we did stop I took her out to stretch and change her diaper. She slept 90% of every car ride and still slept well those nights too.

My favorite time of day is after dinner and her bath we just sit in my bed and chat about our day. I just think it’s so cute when she sits in the big bed. She just stares at the ceiling fan (still her favorite thing ever) and coos.

I do love her grumpy sassy face too. 🙂
This is my last week of maternity leave and I am soaking it up. Avoiding my to-do list and spending every minute with my sweet little pea!

I hope you all have the best week – I sure am!!! XOXOXO

Two Months With Francy

Hey friends!! It has been a crazy past month… we are tired. :). We have been going nonstop and time is just moving so quickly.

Wearing Jon’s mom’s romper as a baby. Soo sweet and sentimental.

This is how we all feel. LOL.

This little girl keeps us on our toes and constantly laughing from all her funny faces. My favorite is when she looks like she is judging me. 🙂 She’s like REALLY MOM?? ANOTHER PICTURE??

Francy currently loves: bathtime, snuggles with mom and dad, her snoo, splashing in the tub, walks in the carrier, boat rides, Grammy’s bucket seat, fans (!!!!) and car rides.

Falls asleep .1 second after we put her in the carrier every single time. I have loved using this for our walks so I can take Francy and all the dogs. 🙂

Jon’s aunt and cousin came to visit for a day too! And some family friends… Francy is doing her world tour so she can meet everyone!

Jon’s mom saved this little bucket seat from when Jon was a baby (and this is the blanket from the hospital when he was born!!) and it has been a huge hit with Francy at the lake.

There’s not much this little girl doesn’t like. She is a really happy baby – we are so lucky. But if I had to name a few things she dislikes: not being in motion (this girl likes to be moving at all times), the split second after I get her out of the tub before I wrap in the towel (too cold!!!), and waiting for a bottle to be warmed up.

This month has been fun getting to see her little personality show more. She has started smiling and getting giddy when she hears my voice or sees me and it just melts my heart.

This was a big month for Francy. She got to go to her first bachelorette party. 😉 My sister’s bachelorette party was in Destin earlier this month so we got a little family beach time in too.

She got lots of family time too!

Mimi and Francy.

My dad and Francy.

My mom and aunt Beth came to Destin to watch Francy so I could be with my sister and her bridal party. 🙂

And beach time too. She loved her afternoon naps on the beach.

After Destin we drove to Georgia for a couple weeks of relaxing at the lake with Jon’s parents.

This was Jon’s dad’s first time meeting Francy so it was super special.

Jon’s parents babysat so we could get in a date night!! It was much needed!

Our next stop is Tennessee for the next week before we finally head back home to Texas. Soaking up these last few weeks before I start working again. We just love our little girlie so so so much and each day really does just keep getting better (she is starting to sleep 5-6 hour stretches at night so this mama is happy!!).

Have a great Friday and a wonderful weekend, friends!!!! XOXOXOXO

One Month With Francy

Hi friends!! I cannot believe how fast time is flying. Everyone says when you have a baby that the days are long and the years are short, but I feel like the days are just going by sooo fast, but the nights… those are a different story. 😉

My intention is to do a fun update every month about baby Francy, but here we are at just over six weeks… 🙂 We are getting into a routine and loving seeing her grow into her little personality each day. She is as sweet as can be and is a really good baby.

At her one month check up she was 21 inches long and weighed 9 lbs 5 oz. This girl loves to eat!

We got a couple of her newborn photos back and I can’t believe how much she has grown already.

Little naked babies are the freaking cutest.

She currently loves: naps on daddy and mommy, her snoo bassinet, the pacifier (sometimes), walks in the stroller, diaper changes, car rides, being snuggled up in her blanky, and lights and the fan.

She currently dislikes: baths (sometimes), getting her nails trimmed, waiting for her bottle to warm up, when the stroller or car come to a stop, and changing our clothes.

She has the funniest expressions and can be happy as a clam one minute and so angry the next. This girl definitely keeps us on our toes.
This month we ventured to the botanical gardens, the Mcnay Art Museum, and a few restaurants for date night. We are living it up while it is still easy to tote her around. 🙂

The dogs are still living their best lives and getting in lots of walks. I have started doing one walk a day with the baby and each doggie. Lots of steps for momma. LOL.

Off to go feed Francy! I hope yall have a great week!!